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manual conversion

  1. M

    Vz ute won’t crank after engine swap and manual conversion

    Hi all , So I recently done an engine swap from 175kw to 190kw aswell as manual conversion from 4 spd auto to 6spd manual. Everything’s been plugged in and Ecu, bcm, pim and key head have been replaced but the Ute won’t crank at all. It gets reds on the dash but won’t make a sound when I try to...
  2. zeropalooba

    Cannot connect to ECU after upload to NVRAM

    Hi guys, need help! I've just finished converting my VS ecotec/auto to L67/Getrag and am at the point of tuning the ECU to get rid of the automatic transmission errors. I purchased an NVRAM board from PCM Hacking and the car ran beautifully so I know the board is fully functional. I then...
  3. single pegga pig

    Vk 202 auto to manual conversion

    Hey all, I have myself an 84, carby black 202 vk wagon. Sadly, it's an auto and I'm wanting to get some advice on manual conversions as I've never done one before. Treat me as if I know nothing on the subject, because I don't. I need to know what I'll need, where I'd look to find what I need...
  4. V

    VU maloo auto to manual

    G'day guys, I have a worked 02 vu maloo thats auto that I just got a full 02 vu ss to do the conversion. I know this has been posted a few times but I can't get a straight answer. Do I actually have to change the ecu/pcm to go to manual? And if so why would i not be able to just keep my stock...
  5. L

    L67 conversion help needed

    So after getting sick of working on bloody Hyundai’s I’ve decided to try my luck on commodores. Basically want the cheapest, best mang for my buck kinda race car. Looking at putting an L67 in either a VS or VP sedan and converting to manual. Looking at a vt auto s/charged wagon for $500 for...
  6. jprior2912

    Manual Conversion - VZ Alloytec

    Hi all, I have the opporutnity to purchase a written off VY commodore (t-boned) that has had a manual conversion. I have a VZ executive and was wondering if I bought it, could I swap the gearbox in it to the manual form the VY, or, because it's an Ecotec motor, are they different...
  7. S

    [Ecotec] VU v6 manual ute L67 Swap

    Hey there, ive been reading around and can’t find specific instructions on what to do to fit an L67 into my 2002 v6 VU ute with a getrag 5 speed box, I have seen the thread: http://mace.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/307/744/fitting-vs-vy-l67-into-vuvx-commodore but I am unsure what it...
  8. L

    All opinions appreciated!!

    Hey guys, backyardigan here.. I got a cammed 3800 VN manual that I'm gonna break down for my vr 3800 stato, first of all the VN has oversized fuel rails with a v8 fuel pump.. Surely a cam kit wouldn't need that much fuel to run it would it? N if not what do yous think they could have done to...
  9. V


    Hey everyone, I've done a manual conversion on my 5 speed Vz Calais to 6 speed manual. I've gotten all the modules out of an SV6 and everything matches up and the car starts. since completing the conversion my digital and analog speedo will not work but all the other gauges work fine. Everything...
  10. S

    auto to maual / v6 to v8

    Hey guys Just bought a vt hsv 5.0L a week ago to put into my vs, came with the ecu, bcm extractors and everything. Also came wth the getrag 5 speed gearbox, which is unreal cause im also changing the vs to a manual. I feel like i've gotten my head mostly wrapped around the v6-v8 conversion...
  11. V

    VS Manual conversion (Help)

    So i have a vu v6 commodore ute with body damage and was wondering if i could use the manual conversion out of it to convert a vs v6 series 2 auto to manual? Cheers
  12. N

    Holden ve sv6 manual conversion

    Hey im on the verge of buy a complete conversion kit for my 2009 holden ve sv6 ute. The box, loom and computer came out a series 2 will it go into my series 1 and will i have to get anything programed?? Cheers guys
  13. B

    Manual conversion

    Hey guys sorry couldn't find anything Someone help me out i want to convert my vs auto with a vx engine to a manuel but its a manuel convertion out of a vt will it fit in a vs an are the cross members different?
  14. K

    vs to vx gearbox conversion

    Hi guys i have a 2000 vx berlina automatic and i also have a 95 vs commodore that i brought a new engine for (ecotec) it currently only has 15,000km on it and it has a 5 spd box but the body is **** on the vs. I want to convert my vx to manual and was wondering if the gearbox would be a straight...
  15. moocow

    Manual conversion no injector pulse

    Hey guys, I've just done a manual conversion on my v6 vs. I bought a parts ute without a key so I'm unable to use it's bcm (not that I'd want to anyway). I'm using the manual ecu and loom from the ute. Everything is connected and ready to go but I now have no injector pulse. There is spark...
  16. J

    5.7 commodore manual conversion

    I'm looking at buying a 1999 holden commodore with an auto box in it. any ideas how much it would cost to put a manual transmission in it? because it is a good buy but I want to know the costs involved thanks in advance
  17. G

    remove vy auto gearbox?

    Hey all, ok I am stuck with a little problem and thought I might see if someone can help me out I am removing my auto box I have removed exhaust tail shaft now lol this might be a silly question and I bet it is going to be a simple answer but its doing my head ini have the box supported and...
  18. M

    Auto going to go - worth converting to manual?

    Hey everyone, I have a VY SS Wagon and have had it for about a year now, car was fine but after two months noticed that the auto was playing up, took it down for a major service and sure enough, was told the auto is on it way out. Now... I originally wanted a manual but when I was looking...
  19. B

    VS V6 Manual Conversion Parts List

    Hi all, I currently drive a 1996 V6 VS, and am looking to throw out the auto and convert it to a manual. To get the best idea of how much this would cost me, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with putting together a parts list so I know everything I'll need. Thanks Guys! - Brad
  20. S

    VY manual conversion

    Currently own a VY commodore with leaky Transmission problem. Believe it to be the pump. Not a clue on fixing it and have been considering a conversion for a while. First off Getrag 260 versus Borg-Warner T-5. Personally would prefer the tremac T-56 but is not a cost effective swap For the...
  21. V

    Vs manual conversion help

    Hi I've just brought a vs manual ute to convert my sedan to a manual, I am also going to swap the engine over, I'm wondering if it will just be easier to remove the old engine and auto transmission as one piece and fit the new engine and manual box as one piece ? I also need some instructions on...
  22. V

    Would converting my Holden VY S II from Automatic to Manuakl make a difference?

    Im planning on converting my vy s pac to a manual, would i gain more speed or be able to go faster by doing so? Also im planning on getting a new lsd diff
  23. M

    RB20 gearbox or MF5? which is BETTER?

    im doing a auto to manual conversion in my VL just wanting to know which box is better? cheers
  24. JACKO4590

    VT V6 6 Speed?

    Ok it was either this area of the forum or the V6 mod area - sorry if in wrong place Ok so I have a 1998 VT V6 Commodore with a 4 speed auto and want to put a manual in it The reason I'm not just buying a car with manual it cause its a C2R Build No. 36 and don't want to give it up cause its...
  25. T

    speedo not working in vs after manual conversion with manual loom

    hey guys i just converted my vs to manual and i am using a vs manual loom but on the loom it self the plugs arnt the right plus for the speedo sensor can anyone help me out on how to hard wire it or something i can only find forums for auto loom please help me asap?
  26. J

    Vs manual conversion queries

    Hey everyone, I've been looking into converting my 96 vs executive from auto to manual for a while now. Was about to buy a conversion kit just last week until I heard from someone that I would have to get my engine rebalanced. I've looked around on the web for a bit and can't find any...
  27. K

    Manual Conversion Costs? (VIC)

    Hey just looking for an update on prices for a manual conversion on a VR? both full conversion + parts and install only costs? Preferably Vic prices but i suppose any state will help also Thanks
  28. I

    Vl rb30 manual gearbox

    I just filled it with 4l of oil. Read the specifications on line and I They seem to recommend only 2l. What should I do? Also can someone explain how the shifter goes in. It clips in and there's a white ring that sits in there with a metal c shaped run with holes in it. Then I have another...
  29. M

    Vy Manual Steup in VX

    I have recently bought a manual conversion which came out of a VY Manual and is a getrag gearbox, i am unsure about a few parts and any help would be awesome since this is the frist time i have done a auto to manual I have the brake and manual pedal boxes which are separate from one another...
  30. L

    Vz Manual Conversion Problem

    Hey, I did a conversion on my 2005 Vz Executive from auto to manual and everything works besides my speedo? No auto electric people where i live no how to fix it ( or their too dumb) and i really want my speedo to work, its been about 2 months now with out it :( Does anyone know how to...
  31. J

    Manual Conversion

    G'day, I've had my Vy Spack for about a year, it's ex-police, plus my old man helped my buy it. So naturaly i can't sell it and get another thats manual already. Plus my diff is about to blow... I was thinking of changing it to a 3.7 LSD and doing the manualy conversion at the same time. Any...
  32. T

    VB Pedal box conversion

    Hi all, I'm doing a gearbox conversion in my VB and going from auto to a celica 5 speed manual. I need to change the pedal box and have ever done thie before. Is it a hard job? and do you need to remove the steering column like everyone has said you need to? Cheers James
  33. 9

    1998 VT Wagon Manual Conversion

    Okay so I have a Series I VT Aclaim Wagon that I want to convert to manual. I am new to all this so can anyone tell me what kind of box I have to look out for and will it just bolt straight on or do I need to change the bell housing? Do I need to get my driveshaft adjusted and a new diff? Does...
  34. V

    vg ute manual conversion

    hi all, just in the process of converting the old mans vg ute from a 4 speed colum auto to a 5 speed on the floor, iv aquired most parts(interior out of a vr, handbrake,pedal box, 8 bolt flywheel, clutch and box). any tips or advice would be appreciated, auto box is out, linkages are out just...
  35. V

    De-Supercharging L67 and manualising ?!?!?!

    hey guys , first time poster, i have searched the net and these glorious forums =) , i wish to enquire about de-supercharging my VT2 Calais, ( sounds dumb but more fun in manual obviously ), so, im thinkin i need intake manifold, fuel rails and probably memcal re-tune, ( of course, gearbox...
  36. T

    [Ecotec] vt commodore manual conversion

    hey just wondering what i would need to convert an automatic vt to a manual, ive got a gearbox out of a 3.8 litre VN been told it was a supra gearbox, will it bolt onto an ecotec,will i have to change the ecu or any modifications i will have to do like tailshaft? cheers pretty new on here so...
  37. 9

    shaking manual gearbox between 2500 and 3500 rpm ??? any ideas ??

    hey all i have just done a manual conversion to my 1994 vr commy it drives fine no slipping nice changes between gears but it shakes a little between 2500 and 3500 rpm in all gears including neutral i have followed the how to guide from the start (well done by the way was very easy to follow)and...
  38. 1slyvs

    how much on average for vs t5 manual conversion?

    hey fellas just joined the forum just want a basic idea of what im lookin at for the whole t5 conversion kit including loom, pedal box, console, shifter and computer thanks
  39. S

    auto - manual conversion

    hi i have a holden vy supercharged s pack i am looking at changing it from auto to manual as the supercharged model was never released with a manual option. i was wondering what i will need to do this and if anyone has an idea how much it will cost and if anyone knows of places in perth that...