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manual gearbox

  1. Kathy89Kathy

    [QLD] VF SS-V Redline 2017

    hi all I'm new here so bare with me on understanding how y'all post things. I've currently ordered my Ss-v Redline (last of the v8's ) delivery due is in July. I decided to go auto with active select, standard 19's, wing spoiler (hate the lip, looks wrong) and eventually make the usual A/M...
  2. G

    99 vt manual gearbox

    hi i have searched all over web and cant find a price for a vt manual gearbox i'm trying to post one for sale but don't know where to start please help its out of the 3.8L v6 any help will be greatly appreciated
  3. V

    VT 5SPD Wobbly Knob

    Ok guys i've got a VT SS 5ltr 5 speed manual and im looking at taking it onto a couple track days in the next few months and want to know if anyone knows of a fix for the old "wobbly gearknob" issue?????? I was told when i bought the car that theres some nylon bushes that need replacing but...
  4. Android

    Noisy thrust bearing

    Hi All, Ever since I bought the car its had a slightly noisy thrust bearing. Sitting in neutral with the clutch in - no problems, clutch out you can here it - it sounds like a dry bearing noise... Anyway, I had it serviced a while ago and they must have lubricated it - as the noise went away...
  5. N

    Manual VT gear box trouble

    Hey there, At the moment im having abit of trouble with my gear box in my V6 VT. When it is in gear, the gear stick is still wobbly as if it was in neutral. This happens in all gears. The car still drives fine without any problems, its just getting really annoying when driving, anyone know...
  6. D

    Clicking noise from my engine

    Gday as you can tell by the name i have no idea about cars but its time to learn. a friend of a friend seems to think i should be able to work out how to maintain my car so i am giving it a go... even if i cant fix things myself i would like some ideas from anyone that really does know...
  7. D

    SSV Manual Gearbox woes

    All, I need some help/advice. The gear change in my car has never, in my opinion, been as it should. I reported at the first 3000km service that 1st to 2nd gear change was particularly notchy/lumpy at times but no fault was found. Over time the experience became worse, with 1st and...