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manual to auto conversion

  1. C

    Vs engine and gearbox swap

    Hey guys, first post and here's the deal... I've gone out and bought a running and driving 98 VS parts car with a manual gearbox and Ecotec in it. I'm wanting to swap these into my current ute 97 VS with an auto and Ecotec. The questions I keep coming back to are these: Will it be easier...
  2. Morton

    Morton's white VQ Statesman

    Ahhhh at last. Pictures. It's nothing particularly special at the moment, but it's a helluvalot more roadworthy than the VP is now, so it's a good start. I picked it up for $3000 in Sydney, NSW. Yes, I live in Brisbane, and yes that makes it a 1000km drive, but it was worth it. Brisbane...