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master cylinder

  1. N

    Slave cylinder keeps bursting when I’m bleeding any ideas?

    Hey all, I’ve seized up my sv6 alloytec gearbox and got a new one from the wreckers. I recently got a new solid flywheel, heavy duty clutch, pressure plate and thrust bearing that came with the excedy kit that i used on my old gearbox, the reason why it seized was a transmission oil leak and...
  2. Swapitifyoucan

    Ute vs sedan brakes?

    recently swapped svz front brakes&rotors onto a sedan and after bleeding peddle goes nearly all the way to the floor. They do work but not untill the pedal is just off the fire wall. No brake light illuminated when applyed. Was wondering if master cylinder is the same size or not.
  3. S

    VT S Manual - Clutch issue, need a solid answer!

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So last night I got abit angry and started caning my VT S manual which I just bought about a week ago, the car is in my name and had a rwc done too. Let me start off by saying the clutch before this issue happened, the friction point was 2 inches in when you put...
  4. F

    VS to VT 1" Master Cylinder upgrade.

    I've recently purchased some VT brake calipers, discs and pads to do an upgrade on my bog stock VS brakes, and It's been recommended to upgrade the MC too. Incidentally, Philthy has a 1" VT MC lying around that I'm pinching. Could someone give me a walk through of how to swap it over? Or if...