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  1. S

    Master Cylinder port - Thread size??

    Hi all, I am working on a dedicated burnout car and have decided to completely delete rear brakes. I've searched everywhere but can't seem to find any info on the thread that the nut is on the brake line at master cylinder. I need to know this because I am going to buy a blanking plug. When I...

    VT/X V6 and V8 master cylinder and Vacuum booster the same??

    Does anyone know if they're different??
  3. VK SL 3800

    VX/VT Master Cylinder

    Can somebody verify that VT/VX master cylinders are the same for ABS and non ABS please. Had a quick search and i couldnt find an answer.......... Thanks :D
  4. VK SL 3800

    Brake upgrade

    Can somebody please clear up a few things for me, i know there are other threads covering this but having trouble finding a straight answer.......... 1. Do VP S2 V6 brakes and calipers bolt straight on to a VK strut without modification? 2. Do VN/VP V6 have the same size master cylinder 15/16...