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  1. C

    Power Steering Pump Failure

    Hi all. I own a 97 VS SS. The power steering became shitty and I had it checked by a shop and they said the pump and high pressure line were leaking. I rebuilt the pump with a seal kit and the old seals were hard and brittle. I haven’t replaced the HPL yet however the car was still fine to drive...
  2. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ss ls1 cut out while driving now wont crank over

    Car was running fine then just cut out when i stopped i tryed starting it with no luck bypassed fuel relay still no luck ran a wire to fuel pump that worked. then the cranking suddenly stopped so i bypassed the starter relay and that worked but wont crank by key i changed all fuses and relays...
  3. Miickyy

    Pleaseeeee help, clunking noise.

    Hey guys I'm seriously on the verge of either selling my piece of sh**t Vx ss or putting a brick through it... The **** box recently developed a wierd clicking/clunking sound from rear right wheel which is annoying coz it goes and comes when it feels like it. I've replaced diffs and I've...
  4. V

    2007 Commodore Berlina - ESP - Stability - Serpent Time Belt

    Hey Everyone, I just changed the serpent time belt on VE commodore berlina 2007 after replacing it. My ESP is shown on dashboard and stability control is off. I turned the button on and off for the Stability only ever since changing the belt for the car. Please Help! Thanks. All help is...
  5. S

    help with getting parts/engine for my first project car

    hey guys. My dream has just come true. I have my own VK for me to do big boy things to it. Basically Ive been looking here and there on the net trying to get the heads up on what kind of engine could go into the VK. Ive seen that its a good idea to go with a 304 and also I have been told...
  6. V

    Very Rough Running when cold - Mechanic and Auto electrician can't diagnose

    My VT Commodore runs very rough until warmed up. Once warmed up it performs perfectly, and will start and run smoothly for the rest of the day. The issue consistently (and only) presents itself after a long cool-down period i.e. overnight. Both the mechanic and the auto-mechanics I have...
  7. R

    Total car noob

    Hey guys, I am more into bikes than cars, however I am looking to branch out with a project car. My brother in law is leaving the country and wants to offload his unregistered and cosmetically screwed (white car with blue "highlights") VP for $500. Now painting is not a hard thing for...