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  1. Jenny V.

    Car Parking for Rent Across Australia

    Hi guys, One of my daily struggles is finding parking in Sydney and Melbourne. I'm looking for sites that let me cheaply park my car in spare spots (e.g. Drive ways or on the street for a cheap price of no more than $15 a day). I found Parkhound the other day, but am curious if there are any...
  2. L

    L>List of tuners Melbourne L67

    Hey guys. just need a few options for getting my l67 re tuned as the job ive gotten isnt working out. I only know one person and he isnt replying to my messages as my car is a brick right now. thank you
  3. speed__demond

    great dyno tuner SE melbourne? holden 304

    hey all got me car running as best as I can with the mail order tune. its not ideal, but it drives fine. just doesn't idle properly and feels a bit sluggish for what it is. the motors 10.5 comp with a crow 4761 cam. motor had a freshenup a few years ago. I realise mail orders cant tune...
  4. W

    Strange sound after oil change

    hi guys, After changing oil with 10W 50 a new sounds is coming out of the engine. Any clues whats going on? Its dont over 200K. Should I have put thicker oil in ? Cheers, Tom
  5. speed__demond

    camber kit fitted $$?? melbourne se

    alright guys I have a vs statesman want it slammed of course :) but I was quoted 700 just for a rear camber kit installed, anyone know of somewhere a lot cheaper? im in Melbourne. Cranbourne way but I wouldent mind traveling a bit if it works out cheaper
  6. M

    IS this normal for a relay....

    Hi I am not sure if its normal or not.... Last week I drove from Melbourne to Adelaide in my vy v6 ... had a good run but reaching there i saw that the interior lights were not working , so i opened the fuse cover under the steering wheel and saw the that the big relays on the top had...
  7. N

    where to find a x force 2.5' cat back for MY12 SV6 sedan??

    hey all, im looking for a x force 2.5' cat back for my sv6 sedan. where can u find one on the melbourne SE suburbs area ? and where can someone install it for me??? thanks
  8. A

    Restoration: Spray paint options in Northern melbourne

    Hi All, I recently purchased a VK with the intention of doing a bit of home resto (including re spray). But i have just been offered a job in which a fully maintained vehicle is part of the base salary which means I can now sell my jap-crap daily. The plan os to throw whatever money I make off...
  9. M

    Melbourne Painter

    I am Planning to buy a SS front bumper bar for my vy exec along with new headlights, Its comming in just base black plastic colour , so would like to know rnd how much should i be looking to get it painted...
  10. M

    69mm Throttle body any good...

    hi I got a vy v6 3.8 DUAL FUEL with none mods except for a 2/12 exhaust , i am thinking of getting a bigger 69mm throttle body from MACE Eng , So the question is are there any disadvantages of going for a bigger throttle body in short and long term over the engine..and also apart from a...
  11. rx2_freak

    [VIC] Brake Service Centres

    I need to get the brakes serviced in my commodore, i was wondering if anyone can recommend some good brake shops around the Dandenong area.
  12. JAKE-26

    [VIC] WTB - VS/VU ute

    ITEM: VS OR VU ute, any model but later preferred LOCATION: VIC, melbourne DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer within an hour of croydon (3136) PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other CONTACT DETAILS: thread reply or pm OTHER INFO: Hey guys, starting to look for a...
  13. skunks.monks

    [VIC] 2002 VX II Clubsport (Low KM's, IMAC Condition)

    Just thought I would put this up to help someone from work who isnt happy to give up her baby This car has REALLY been driven by a female driver since new, reguallally serviced and always garaged, not a scratch on it!! This car is in Imac condition, with only 108,000km's on the clock and has...
  14. N

    VS Statesman (Nothing new, but an upgrade for sure...)

    I wrote off some girl's car along with my own the other week, and I thought "Good opportunity to upgrade!", $5k loan later and here is my new pride and joy. Stock as can be, but soon gonna start pimping this beast. I know, I know, only a V6, but I'm still on my P's for another year, and my...
  15. arrow224

    Melbourne: Does RDS-TA workwith headunits?

    I have an Alpine CDA-9857r, which has RDS and the TA (Traffic Alert) function. I have TA turned on, and I can tune into GoldFM (104.3) and MixFM (101.1), and the TA icon lights up (TA function is on), and the TP icon lights up (TA station is tuned in). However, I am yet to receive a traffic...