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  1. vscom88


    Hi I have been doing vats delete tunes for a few years now for memcal based ecus. These are commonly for ecus that need the security aka vats deleted from them to enable the vehicle to fire up. Most cars that require these are vehicles that have had other engines other than the factory option...
  2. K

    L67 memcal into l36

    So i read this on another forums and wanted to know what you guys recon, im thinking about doing it myself. So im putting in a turbo into my stock l36 with l67 fuel pump and injectors i dont plan on running more than the internal wastegate which is at 7.5psi, which ive heard that internal...
  3. M

    Memcal brand identification

    Pulled the Memcal out of my VS V8 Statesman the other day to take a look and its proved a bit of a mystery. Its not branded with any performance shop sticker, but on the actual chip (under the plastic) is a small sticker with the code: "3CF4" written in pen. Google search came up with nothing...
  4. moocow

    I need a memcal!

    Hey guys I have a vs commodore with these mods: 4.2 stroker Comp cam: -216°/216° at .050" -Intake Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio) -Exhaust Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio) -111 LSA T5 manual conversion with manual ecu and loom Mildly ported heads Extractors...
  5. W

    Custom memcals

    Hi I'm looking for someone that can make a custom memcal for me will to pay all cost and pay for your time
  6. danbran

    VS manual memcal or chip

    Hi, i have done some intake mods and cat back exhaust, now i want to get a chip, i want wandering is there a set up where i can get a memcal that will suit my set up? or can i get something to do the programming my self? i would love to be able to do my own programming as everyone in my...
  7. B

    Hey has anyone dealt with a aftermarket memcal before - Vt Commodore S2

    Car= Vt commodore s Auto S2 Hey i was just looking at these aftermarket memcal do they actually do what they say or are they fake and what is the diff between 1=...
  8. Commo_Carl

    [NSW] VT V6 Performance Stage 4 Memcal (manual)

  9. H

    memcal question

    hey im planning on putting the t5 manual hooked upto my buick in my vn into my supercharged ecotec vs wagon wat needs 2 be done wit memcals will it just work wit the memcal in the ecu for the eco or will i have 2 change it? if so will the memcal outta my vn work in the ecu for the supercharged...
  10. H

    [Help please] Can't enter diagnostic mode

    Hello I've got a vn v6 and i've checked for errors many times no probs by bridging the white and black wire with a paperclip, I've just recently put a new clutch in and o2 sensor out of another car because mine was buggered. I also changed memcal to a different 1 and decided i didnt want it...
  11. B

    Custom Memcal of slightly modified VR

    Hey does anyone know someone or someone on this sight do custom memcals for a manual Vr with bluetop injectors, 9mm leads, quad electrode sparky's a 2 1/2" cat back. Im lookin for a memcal tune that will give me more explosive acceleration. Thanks to anyone that can help
  12. bennyboy91

    the Vt V6 memcal from mace engineering

    hi, still new to this lol.. so not sure if this is were i post! i recently purchased the memcal for my VT V6 Berlina from mace engineering for $150 and i couldnt be happier, just letting people know that it does everything they say!! so far ive noticed power gains, and significant fuel...
  13. W

    Vn commodore memcal problem

    I bought a new memcal chip off ebay the other month and couldn't find the time to put her in. Today I just finished putting it into the ECU (It was the actual chip, not a whole new memcal) and the car starts just fine, while putting out a rediculous amount of new touqe (I can't seem to pess the...
  14. Schuey97

    MACE Memcal + Error 94

    Hey All I am currently trying to work out this problem with MACE, but thought I would also see if anyone else has had or come across this problem. I have a 95 VS Commodore with a T5 Manual Transmission. I bought a MACE Memcal and installed into the VS. The car runs awesome until you get...
  15. somefool

    ATJR 4357 from an '89 VN 6 advice wanted please

    Going to get a tune from Greenfoam soon. I've had this spare memcal for a while now - pulled it out of a Vn at the wreckers. After looking on Rob's Creative Calibrations I've found out that it's from an '89 model car, whereas the car i want to put it into is a '91 Vn 6. heres the numbers...
  16. JSTCOZ

    Greenfoam's Memcal on V6 Ecotec

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a Memcal Tune from Greenfoam for my auto V6 Ecotec. He says he ain't sure on the power gains it could get. Has anyone here bought one from Greenfoam and had it on their V6 Ecotec auto and what gains did you get? Cheers Matt
  17. vn_v6

    complete noob at tuning memcals....

    hi all, i been reading about memcals and tuning and all that, ive searched how to do it myself, cant find much apart from the socket for the memcal, now what exactly do i need as in those EPROM burners or whatever and programs for my pc and whatever else, links and guides would be great :) i...
  18. FXST01

    Memcals and Gas settings

    What maps/fields should be changed in a memcal when a car is on gas? What maps/fields should be changed in a memcal when a car is dual fuel?
  19. xtreme_sony

    Done 5Spd Conversion in VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ?

    Done 5Spd Conversion in v6 VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ? Done 5Spd Conversion in v6 VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ?. Im running the auto computer with modified auto loom, running fine. No probs. But i wouldn't mind to get a manual tuned MEMCAL to make my VP...
  20. camstatic

    So I was a guinnea pig for a delcowizzid tune...

    So the chip arrived today, the interior of the package smelling of fresh New Zealand air (not really). I tipped it upside down and out fell my new memcal, upon closer inspection I noticed the eprom came complete with the sticker of a Kiwi on the erasing window, after chuckling to myself, I set...