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  1. F

    Wh 8-way into Vx Exec

    now before I start I just wanted to say that yes I have searched this topic quite thoroughly and I’m bloody stumped, I have a blue leather drivers seat out of a wh Statesman with the memory function and I can’t get it to function, at all, it has an 11 wire plug and I have tried so many wire...
  2. S

    vz calais memory seats in earlier model (memory function working)

    Just finished installing my vz calais memory seats in my base model vx just want to show how i wired them as i couldn't find a decent wiring diagram. The vx has 2 wires already for the standard seats which are just power and ground. I had to run a new wire from an ignition source to the new...
  3. dgp

    VF Memory Seat Issue??

    Hi guys, I have a 2013 MY14 CalaisV that I bought new and it has just ticked over 101,260 km and over the last two weeks I have noticed that you can't change the memory seat position once you have driven off from the stationary position. It's really only the last couple of weeks that I have...
  4. G

    VZ Aftermarket Stereo losing memory

    First time installing a stereo in a car. Tried looking for an adapter to plug my new Sony WX-GT78UI into the existing wiring and found the APP8SP from Aerpro. After confirming the wires with this guide found it was working perfectly. Only problem is it isn't storing anything. Obviously...