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  1. tHe_sTiG

    Do I need to polish my car?

    Hi guys, My VZ Commodore Executive has the factory quicksilver metallic paint. I'm just wondering if I need to polish / wax it every now and then, or if this sort of paint doesn't need polishing. If it does need polishing, which brand do you recommend, and how often should I polish it?
  2. J

    Vn commodore

    Hi, Ive recently picked up a 91 vn but its my baby. Finally got her on the road but she still looks shoddy with the faded arse red. Just wondering if anyone knows of rough costs to have a decent metallic thrown over her, ive been contemplating the idea of a harliquin purple with gold flakes :D
  3. mrc25381

    Headlight chrome

    Dudes, What would I use to recoat the chrome on a headlight? I went to clean one the other day and ended up wiping the chrome clean off in 1 or 2 spots back to this yellow crap. So I'm wondering is there like stuff you can paint or stick on to replicate a chrome finish? I've used "chrome"...