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  1. J

    How to spool diff vx

    This is a burnout car I have read most of the hate about spools I just want to know if theres a video or how to do it or if someone could run me step by step through it. I have the diff out of the car because I put lsd in it but I burnt that out so Im spooling the open center to put back in. I...
  2. triple b

    [NSW] T56 VY Manual Conversion+VZ R8 Seats+More

    ITEM: VY T56 manual conversion, all gear has 130,xxxkm on it. Everything is pictured below. LOCATION: NSW Moorebank 2170 CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1800 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick UP PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email on [email protected]
  3. Niggadore

    [VIC] Fresh fully reconditioned IRS Diff, 3.89 ratio, spooled. Suit all IRS models until VX

    ITEM: Reconditioned IRS diff to suit All IRS commodores up until VX, 3.89 gear ratio, minispooled. oil included. Bought this diff off of ebay, from the bloke that used to own sunshine differentials, A VERY VERY good diff builder, paid $680 delivered, i put it into my rolling shell VQ but alas...
  4. xtreme_sony

    [QLD] Brand New 28 Spline MiniSpool (Never Fitted) Brought it for my VP commodore

    ITEM: Vp Commodore 28 Spline Mini Spool LOCATION: QLD, Belli Park, 4562 PRICE: $80 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up, Can post for Extra PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Pay Pal CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Call 0407294446 OTHER INFO: Brand New Never Fitted
  5. damankerrison09


    Hey guys, Im gonna install a mini spool and 3.9's into my VL and i just need someone to help me with fine details... A mechanic mate said he'll do it for $150 the lot, BUT i wanna do it myself to learn how to do it for future and im very short of cash! So all i need to know is how do i put...
  6. A

    mini Spool

    Hi just wondering about a mini spool in my 94 vr with irs? does anyone know if it is any good or not worth the bother as i can get one for $170 but on ebay they are around the $100? is it worth buying the one from the shop or one off ebay? cheers
  7. O

    Minispool, Stock Wheels and Springs/ Strut [QLD]

    ITEMS: 1. Brand new minispool - bought with the intention of puttin in my car but got a LSD so that went in, still in the packaging 2. Stock wheels. 15x6? 7 with various condition tyres - good for skids. 3. Standard Springs and Struts from a VS ute, good nic. LOCATION: Gold Coast, QLD...