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  1. E

    [SA] vp calais

    ITEM: vp calais LOCATION: SA, gawler. YEAR: vp calais, 1992 SERIES: VP s1 BADGE: CALAIS ENGINE: 3.8 buick TRANSMISSION: 4speed auto COLOUR: white over grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: very close to perfect, 2 dents in the whole car witch are very un noticeable. INTERIOR...
  2. Kurtp

    Silver V6 VR Project

    This is my new VR, looking to do a lot on it, already put heaps of work into it. This thing was horrid when i got it. Disgusting interior, completely dirty, obviously treated like ****. On the plus side it was a reco motor only 7 months ago, barely done anything since then. The car came with a...