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  1. A

    Stability control and misfire

    Hi, I have a VE SS 2011 series 2 manual with 171k kms ive had an issue twice now where upon starting my car will have a stability control fault and when i take off it seems to be misfiring aswell. I fixed it the first time by disconnecting the battery and waiting approximately half an hour and...
  2. N

    Misfiring 07 3.6

    we have an 07 VE with 135,000km, battery died so I replaced it. Everything worked fine until the next day when it developed a bad misfire on cylinders 1,2,4 & 6. I replaced the coils and plugs and the misfire was still there but now cylinders 2 & 6. Disconnect the battery to see if that would...
  3. Sarah walker

    Powertrain, shuttering, misfiring

    Hi, I have a vz thunder S pac Ute 2006. Once you put any power into it the powertrain light comes on and engine light whole car shutters and have to turn the car off and on. Car will also constantly misfire. Had a mechanic look it over and check the codes only think that cane up was cylinder 6...
  4. 5

    About ready to throw the whole car in the bin

    Hey all. I'm suffering a misfire gremlin and im at my wit's end. Please chuck some suggestions at me. Car is a 1999 VT commodore S1 with the 5ltr conversion. Auto. Engine is stock. Consistent misfire through entire rev range. From idle to 4000. Doesn't change in any gears, forward or reverse...
  5. Wickham_1995

    O2 Sensor/Misfire Count OBD2 Advice

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me understand some information i logged tonight. This log was taken over 50 minutes, 50/50 town driving around 30-50km and highway run 100km. HSV E2 Senator 6.2l ls3 317kw 6sp Auto. I recently bought a bluedriver obd2 tool which had...
  6. B

    Trouble shooting.

    Hi all, Can anyone throw their thoughts in on what my problem may be. My VX has been giving me a lot of greif lately, between trouble starting it to ruff idle, to just driving like rubbish in general at the moment. I took her into the mechanic and they replaced the crank angle sensor (seemed to...
  7. N

    Dreading LS1 Misfire!

    Hello. My VX SS has a terrible misfire with a rough idle that is throwing no codes. Here are a few things I've noticed. 1: car starts right up, so I don't think that the fuel pump is bad 2: when it's idling rough and I try to press on the pedal, sometimes a loud popping noise comes out of...
  8. B

    rough idle, miss under 2k rpm

    hi everyone, i have a really frustrating problem and i hope someone can help me out before i ust rip this engine out and put a new one in. i have an 04 vy s2 and it idles like crap. Its idling at 900rpm so thats not too bad but it is a bit shaky, then when you give the pedal a jab it misfires...
  9. I

    VZ LS1 misfire under load

    Hey guys, I’ve just finished converting my VZ Calais from V6 to V8, and it now has a miss on cylinders 2&3 under acceleration. Dash loom, engine loom, bcm, pcm, pim all replaced. Plugs, leads and coils have been changed, injectors have been checked. Happens around 1400RPM then smooths out...
  10. Bardy-II

    VZ EVAP Purge Hose and Solenoid

    Hey everyone, so after months of painful diagnostics I still haven't been able to source the misfiring problem on my VZ, after pretty much rebuilding the top half of the motor there's only a few plausible causes left and I was wondering if this would be one of them? Also curious that the last...
  11. C

    Vy commodore develops a miss when hot

    Hey guys iv got a vy v6 commodore that has had a miss for some time which i thought i had fixed, but i have noticed the miss comes back once the engine is hot. Originally i replaced coil packs, dfi module, plugs and leads and the car has been running great. I have recently got the car...
  12. G

    Bad misfire - VY V6 Berlina

    Hey guys. Just wondering what other causes of a bad misfire would be? Coil packs, spark plugs and leads have all been done correctly. The car tends to carry on and miss pretty bad when hitting 2500-3000rpm at 60-70km. Also idles pretty rough or while rolling. Can hear it in the exhaust but no...
  13. scaredyet

    VZ V6 Fuel Injectors?

    I think I may need to change my injectors as my car has a huge shake when I started it this morning and I got a check powertrain error. I have a 2005 V6 VZ wagon LE0. What I Hector's do they have the blue or black. I have new plugs and could to go and just want to buy some reconditioned injectors
  14. G

    VY Berlina series 2 V6 - Misfire

    Have a bit of a misfire when accelerating. Usually happens when I hit about 2250-2500rpm at 60-70kms. Plugs, leads and coil packs have been replaced. Not really worried. But curious as to what else it could be if it's not coil packs?
  15. H

    Hot Start Cylinder Misfire

    Hey Folks, Seems i'm encountering an issue with my Vz (6 cylinder 175 kw), i'm getting a cylinder misfiring/locking out under very specific circumstances. On a cold start, car runs fine and will run fine indefinitely. However, do a trip and leave the car to rest for 10 minutes, turning on the...
  16. S

    SV6 P0300 / P0301 code

    Hi Guys, I have a 2009 SV6 SIDI (LLT engine). I occasionally get the P0300 & P0301 fault codes. Coupled with this I get a quite heavy misfire and smoke out of the exhaust, also a fuel smell when this happens. This issue is very random, might not happen for months and then all of a sudden will...
  17. Z

    VZ auto shutdown - do I need a new EMS

    Hi First some background - bought the 2007 VZ wagon over a year ago - changed the timing chains and plug coils back then and has been good for 40K kms . Started getting check oil warnings a couple of months ago. Changed the oil sensor - warnings persisted. Fitted a cheap oil pressure gauge to...
  18. K

    Vz Running Rough

    Started my vz v6 lumina drove for a little bit, car started running very rough and misfiring. Checked all areas for vacuum leaks, there were non. One by one I disconnected the coil packs while the car was running and found that “cylinder 1” had no change when disconnected. I than swapped coil...
  19. DeathSammich

    Car Struggling to Start

    Ive just finished an l67 rebuild, Put new injectors in, new coils, tried multiple DFIs, new plugs and have tested my spark leads and, injector pulse, coil resistance and all. It goes pretty well when it goes but seems like it has a slight misfire. But when you turn it off and try to start it...
  20. jesterhead

    V6 Supercharged electrical gremlin

    Kia ora, lads! I have a bit of a specific issue and I'm at a bit of a loss. For a while my VX supercharged V6 has had, on the rare occasion over the last few months, a guick misfire (by the feel of it) every once in a while. But today halfway home from work she decided to just run like a...
  21. Tommodore

    VS Commodore misfiring

    my 1995 VS Commodore V6 (Ecotec) started misfiring the other day ... I thought it was the fuel line which i cleaned out and changed the filter ..... nothing Then i changed all the spark plugs as the old ones were due to be done .....nothing i just swapped over the spark leads from my donor VS...
  22. V

    1998 VT Constant Misfire

    hi all looking for some advice on the problem my vt has been giving me before i throw more $$$ at it! Drove it this morning to take the Mrs to work without any issues about a 30min drive, then 4 hours later going to pick her up about 2 minutes after leaving home it starts misfiring still...
  23. M

    VE misfire, hesitation and shudder

    This issue has really started to do my head in so any suggestions/help would be much appreciated. My VE had a faulty radiator and the power steering pump had a leak. So a mate of mine who is a qualified mechanic serviced, replaced the radiator, thermostat and power steering pump replaced...
  24. F

    VX misfire and stall under load

    Hey guys, wondering if someone has seen this before. My VX S starts a little rough, at times it idles quite rough (otherwise its idle is normal), but when revs are applied, it misfires and stalls. Its completely undrivable. Doesn't matter if its in neutral or in gear, you apply enough revs, the...
  25. C

    Missing/Timing problem WH Statesman

    Hey guys, I have a 99 WH Statesman. Lately it's been missing and/or the engine has been jolting a little bit randomly. Hot or cold. Never stalled. Don't notice it really at 100kph. But notice it a lot when you just touch the accelerator. Sometimes I can get a whole day without any...
  26. R

    Alloytec random misfire, fuel injectors?????

    Hi, So the VE went to holden today for a p0300 fault (Random multiple misfire) cyl , 1,3,5,. I have replaced a couple of coils and swapped other across to the other bank. With the fault not changing sides. Anyway after also checking earths and vac leaks around bank 1 have not fould a solution...
  27. R

    Alloytec Random multiple misfire cyl 1,3,5,

    Hi all, I understand this is a VZ section, but was hoping someone may have a solution to my issue. My in laws car 08 Ve alloytec has came up with p0300 random misfire fault, also cylinders 1, 3, 5. RACV told them that two coils were gone and had to be replaced. So I got the job to replace...
  28. F

    misfire under 1500rpm

    I have a manual series 1 v6 vt, new plugs, new leads, new msd coil packs, there is a misfire on idle, once I go above about 1500rpm the misfire stops until I drop back to idle, any idea what could cause it to misfire at low revs but not any higher? Cheers
  29. R

    LS1 MISFIRE, Misfire goes away when intake air sensor (IAT) is disconnected?

    Hi guys, I have a VX SS, LS1, mafless, otr, cam, exhaust, the problem is the car seems to bog down at low rpm when accelerating (sometimes even die untill I back off) and surge while driving at low rpm, feels like a misfire? When I disconnect the intake air temp sensor (IAT) after the...
  30. S

    Please help

    i have a 98 vt spac factory 5speed manual i have just replaced the clutch and fly wheel and dropped the clutch at 5 thou the car went back an start running on 3 cylinders i drove it 40 kms to home since then i have replace the rocket cover gaskets and head gasket due to having milky oil...
  31. v6nutz_2012

    Misfire Under load/heavy acceleration

    Hey guys, been having this problem in my VP V6 wagon for a while. Coils, DFI module, Injectors, Fuel Pump, Leads and Plugs have been changed. Thought it was a vac leak at an improperly seated injector but with that problem fixed is continuing to do the same thing. Anyone able to shed some light...
  32. Commo_Carl

    Misfire when warm... Doing my head in!!!!

    Basic history Turbo VR V6 only 37,000km on clock Been pretty good for close to a year now then last week after I gave it a hit it started misfiring and driving like a pig (decel was fine) I limped it home and the next day I checked and put new plugs in, checked leads and they were ok, checked...
  33. J

    Please Help! Unsolved Misfires in Cyl 2, 4 and 6

    Hi all, Not long ago I posted a thread regarding random misfires in cylnders 2,4 and 6 in a 2006 VE SV6. Since then the car has been in and out of my mechanics but nothing has been found, and theres reasons for that. The random misfires come and go. It seems as tho every time I take it...
  34. J

    HELP! Engine Misfire, Cyl 2, 4 and 6... and CEL

    Help. My 06 Ve SV6 is running really rough. The other day I stop in a car park, put it into neutral, put the handbrake and BAM! the Check engine light comes on and the car begins to run very roughly. So I turned it off and then back on again and all was running fine. 500m down the road it...
  35. dylsrach

    VZ V6 misfire under load...

    hey... my '05 vz sv6 has got a serious problem when under load or going up hill. Feels like a misfire. Had it to local mechanic a couple of months back & he reckons he can't find anything wrong with it, a bit useless to say the least! Plugs & leads all good + no error codes at all apparently...
  36. T

    Vr Commodore Misfiring problem

    Hi Guys, Now before I start, I'd just like to say that I am not that knowledgeable on how cars work entirely, i'm pretty handy and have been replacing parts and fixing parts from following DIY vids on youtube and also what you guys have been saying on here, so forgive me if I own a car and...
  37. D

    Stuttering, flatspot and backfiring on takeoff

    I have a 96 VS V6 wagon. I have recently replaced the air filter, fuel filter, plugs and leads. A problem started to develop as a flat spot upon takeoff but has now gotten considerably worse over a period of about a month. If I put the foot down (especially when it is cold) it missed really...
  38. T

    VN 3.8 Engine Misfire

    Hey all. Just recently i got a new second hand replacement DFI/Coil pack for my '89 VN, because the last one died. The car worked fine for a few weeks or so, then sudenly it was slightly hard to start and misfiring when lightly accelerating and going past 70k's or so. I was told to replace...
  39. W

    What would cause this noise?

    I have a 1996 VS Executive II 3.8 V6 Auto. What would cause a misfire (only happening on the left hand side) intermittently at high revs (3000 or there abouts when the car is about the shift) which gets worse the hotter/longer you drive? I have replaced the spark plugs because i don't have no...
  40. C

    Is there a way to test the DFI Module?

    Can you test a DFI module? I know you can test your leads and ignition coils wth a multimetre, can some simliar process be applied to the DFI module. Thanks, Alex Short