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  1. C

    cylinder 2 4 6 missfiring

    2007 commodore alloytech LEO 3.6 V6. developed missfire in cylinders 2 4 6. anyone knows where earth or ground wire are for the cylinder banks or the injectors? please if anyone could help I've tried coils, spark plugs seem fine, compression is ok, cats are ok and got timing chain replaced if...
  2. 0

    02 v6 vy engine electrical issues

    hey guys i have a 02 v6 vy with a mystery electrical issue 3 times in the last 4 months it has cut out while driving and restarts but badly miss firing and stalls after a second or 2. the first time playing with engine control and fuel pump relays got it going the second time i suspected cas...
  3. V

    P0174, p0302, fuelsys1/fuelsys2 ol-fault HELP

    So vehicle is a 2008 ve manual ssv ute stock. I have run into a problem where I am displaying p0174 bank 2 system too lean and p0302 cylinder 2 missfire and have a sulphur smell. I was driving around watching a live data stream and noticed when it started running rough and the engine light was...
  4. L

    Any ideas?

    hello guys, new to the thread here and i have a problen, i am no mechanicor anything like that, but i have a fair idea on how things work, and im wondering which to attack first, i want your opinion any story is as follows, one day was driving one sunday heading towards the great ocean road for...
  5. A

    WH Statesman miss

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forums for statesman but I couldn't find a statesman section. I recently bought a 2002 WH statesman. The car is immaculate only issue is that it has a miss. I paid $2300 for it because of this miss, he said that it could have been a coil pack.. But...
  6. B

    vr 5 l running 5 cylinders

    i can pull the leads of 4,6 and 8 cylinders and doesnt make a difference, any chance it has anything to do with timing? new plugs leads dizzy cap,swapped ignition module and coil, no difference, any ideas? did a search on here but didnt find anything to help my situation
  7. B

    VS commodore missfire underload?

    Okay so recently my car developed a miss under load, it was fine if you drove like an absolute grandma but as soon as you gave it anymore then a quarter throtal it would start spluttering and running like an sack of ****. I changed the spark plug leads and spark plugs but the problem persisted...
  8. V

    Help please, vx bank2 all missing! Black plugs..... Ect

    my vx is MISSING issues, have replaced plugs and leads, and test drove with same problem. upon checking all plugs i noticed all on #2 bank are black with carbon..... all 3?? so thought may be 02 sensor, so i swaped both round but problem has stayed on bank#2 haven't yet replaced coils but...
  9. rocknroll93

    First Post, A few questions..

    Hey all, first post here, and I have a few questions for you regarding my VP commodore. it's sedan, the 5ltr V6, series 1 I believe, but most of that is unimportant to my questions. the first question I have should be simple.. what is the stock exhaust diameter? I've done a fair bit of...
  10. C

    ve berlina no compressino in cylinder 2

    hey all, has any one had a problem with no compression in cylinder 2 i have checked timing and that is not the problem. im really just after a heads up if any one has had this problem as well.... its a 08 berlina.. ty alll
  11. Gilly91

    Price for reconditioned T5 and head fix

    I was just wondering if anyone woud know what sort of price I would be looking at for a reconditioned T5 for a VS and to get the engine head fixed. The gearbox works but is very noisy, and I think I have a cracked head? Symptoms are: radiator using coolant, stalls on cold start, when driving...
  12. Beny

    Right hand bank of cyldenders not firing HELP!!

    So my vs v6 just started losing alot of power and then this devloped into missing where is became undrivable within 30 mins after the loss in power starting to show. I looked into it for all the obvious things plugs leads coilpacks injctors and these were all fine the only thing noticed was the...
  13. S

    Inconsistant surge

    I really need some help!!! Basically it started off surging under load, now it does it all the time, on idle, cruising and i think I've even lost a bit of power. Ir has a lumpy idle, then randomly it coughs. I tried: •leads and plugs •coil packs and module •fuel filter •engine fault codes (...
  14. C

    Error Code 42, help me please...

    Got code 42 today. The thing that happens is whilst driving or just whenever the car is running, it randomly drops about 300-500revs and then recovers, like its about to stall but doesnt, the enigne light flashes for about half a second but then its gone again. I swapped the DFI module out with...