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  1. Sikkinixx

    Vacuum elbow replacement

    Ok, so my wagon started idling rough and had lost most of its power. After some investigation, I found the vacuum elbow off the intake manifold was cracked. I tried taping it, but it was too far gone. I sourced a replacement part and put it on when it arrived in the mail. Took it for a...
  2. G

    Car is carrying on, running rough, etc.

    Back again guys. VY Berlina V6. Just ticked over to 300,000km. Car is still running fairly rough. If I accelerate gently it’s not too bad. But it I try to give it a bit, a rough vibration occurs. Carries on quite a bit when accelerating. And overall the car runs a bit sluggish while in 4th...
  3. Cazzle-B

    newbie looking for help please, Shudders and shakes until I reach 40ks then runs sweet

    Hi all Newbie here needing help please (obviously) , I have a vs wagon , about a month ago she lost her guts , drove fine but no kickback when I flattened her , in the last week it sounds like she’s missing when idling then when I take off she just crawls up slowly with a shudder until she...
  4. Baz123

    6.o l l76 Rich and rough on startup

    Hi Guys, My 2010 l76 6.0 liter has only just started playing up when first started in the morning. It blows smoke (strong smell of fumes)and misfires for about 10 seconds then all is good. Only done 65000k, regular maintenance, 2 rounds injector cleaner, new air cleaner. Don’t know what’s...
  5. V

    VS Commodore Miss firing Spark/Leads

    Hi all im new to the page and owning a commy, I have a 97 Vs i recently noticed a miss when driving under load, I changed the Leads yesterday and it didnt change ...im about to change the spark plugs today, Has anyone got any more insight into what may be causing the problem?
  6. B

    VP missing underload

    Hey, so I just gave my VP a major service, leads, plugs, oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and transmission fluid (manual t5) seeing as the odometer doesn't work and I don't know the amount of km's on the car. So I was driving it after I had done all that work for about half an hour...
  7. D

    Bogging down when accelrating and flat battery issues

    Hi all, I'd like to start off by saying hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and this is my very first post. I'll get on with it though and explain what s going wrong with my car and hopefully someone can help me out I have an 07 VE SS that is having dramas bogging down when I put my foot...
  8. paulforaname

    vt ss series 1 rough ldle and loss of power after manifold gasket change.

    Hi all, Today I changed my roller lifters on my VT SS 5.0 While I made manifold off I replaced leads, did a fuel injector rebuild with kit as seemed appropriate while all accessible. Also cleaned manifold exterior and cleaned throttle body and replaced T/B gasket. Now its all back together...
  9. W

    cylindor 1 missing

    Cylinder 1 has no spark plug in it and car still runs with just a slight miss.. But take spark plug out of the other ones and try run it and it's rough and stalls.. So cylinder 1 isn't firing properly.. I've replaced spark plugs leads and coil pack and still same issue, car still drives fine...
  10. S

    Help backfirig/popping v6 vt calais

    Hey I'm having an annoying issue with my VT Calais, The car had overheated around a year ago and hasn't been driven since, now I know the head gasket is blown and I've put some chemiweld through it (I don't really want any responses based on your opinion of chemiweld or why have I done this, the...
  11. R

    VP Commodore, missing, chewing fuel and coil packs?

    Okay i have a 92 Vp, 3.6 auto This tank has got close to 500k on the clock, i paid next to nothing for het, but she is pristine... I have had nothing but respect for the old girl and treat it like royalty trying to make it last untill my new commodores shipped here from home NZ, SO I...
  12. S

    Problems with my VT! It's sending me INSANE!!!!

    so i bought a VT about 2weeks ago and it had a really bad miss, so i replaced the spark plugs and leads and it got alot better but when i try going around a corner or going around a round about and give it some gas, it shutters and sometimes dies then i let go of the throttle and it comes back...
  13. levymetal

    5ltr missing on idle and load

    Hey guys, long time no visit.. :p I've got a problem with my VP 5ltr. It's missing at idle, and when I first take off it stutters pretty badly, and under load it stutters too, but cruising is fine. This problem has progressively been getting worse, at first it was an occasional miss, then...
  14. Paul_grima

    Where does this hose go???

    Hi everyone, im just wondering if anyone can tell me where this hose (in pics) is ment to goto? My VL is running ruff like its missing or something. in neutral it idles fine but reving it slightly and it almost conks out. ive checked all the basic things (plugs, leads, injectors etc) and that...
  15. VK SL 3800

    Vx V6 coughing when cruising.

    My old mans Vx V6 has started to cough when cruising along the highway, it seems fine if you accelerate hardish but tends to die in the ass at low throttle. When on cruise it starts tugging and jerking, probably the poor old comp trying to compensate and nothing happens then everything then...
  16. C

    Rough Idol

    Hey all, I have a VP series 2 and having a bit of a problem with it. When the car is idoling both hot and cold it is missing causing a very rough idol. Ive changed plugs, leads, tried another coil pack, cleaned my injectors. problem is still there. it only misses on cylinder 6 and when...
  17. J

    01 wh v6 intermittent no idle

    Very intermittently my 2001 wh v6 will not idle at all, runs fine so long as you keep your foot rested on the accelerator. Also intermittently misses but not at the same time and more frequently than the idle problem. Also intermittently struggles to start, sounds like it has a flat battery but...