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  1. Adrian's Vr

    what Cam are u running in a buick!!!

    hey guys, what cam are u guys running!! I will run better springs too, i got vy injectors and a v8 aeroflow pump so runs smooth, healthy motor, cai, extractors, want good power, sweet sounding but still good enough to drive as a daily, preferably no tuning!! Let me know what u guy recommend...
  2. E

    VY Cluster LED & LCD Removal

    Hey All, Have bought a new cluster as parts of mine have fried (Gotta love the LCD black ring of death)... I have got plenty of experience with soldering etc, but am having trouble removing the LCD's and LED screens at the solder points on my cluster to be changed over. Has anyone had much...
  3. L

    How to upgrade my Holden commodore vp executive?

    Hey guys I wanna upgrade my vp don’t want to spend to much money at the moment I just wanna upgrade it’s performance a bit and have a bit of fun gotta start somewhere what do you guys recommend Thanks !!! **edit** Here is a photo 3.8l V6
  4. U

    Vy Stroked 4.2l Ecotec

    Hi all, i know this has probably been posted more then a few times but i cant find any recent posts anyway that ask what i need to know Now before any body says don't waste your money just buy an 8, i can't i'm on my p's for a while now because i was a ******** when i was younger, i'd love too...
  5. DeathSammich

    Modified Air Box

    I've looked everyone but can't really find a straight answer. With a VT Commodore where would be the best place to cut a hole in the air box and how long and where should the PVC pipe lead? Is it worth doing?
  6. N

    Need help with VY Executive Instrument Cluster.

    So, long story short... I attempted the dash light mod on the cluster, changing out the green LEDs for blue ones. I managed to pull this off successfully, with the exception of the cluster resetting all its programming. Everything was working fine last night, but I've gone to drive off this...
  7. E


    im sorry if anything similar has already been posted. But i am after an aftermarket front bumper for the vz sv6 that isnt holden, would anyone know of anything that would fit the model or is there no point in bothering in this,
  8. S

    Auto Dimming Homelink Mirror - Upgrade

    Hi Guys, performed an upgrade over the weekend, i was getting sick of replacing batteries in my garage door opener so I ordered a homelink Auto dimming mirror from the US. I use to have auto dimming mirror in my previous car but the calais lacked it. Easy mod that took about 30 Mins. Cost...
  9. T

    Boot lip spoiler, custom made and painted for $47

    I wanted to buy the original ve series 2 boot lip spoiler, but you can hardly notice its there. VE S2 Commodore Calais Boot LIP Spoiler NEW Genuine GM Unpainted SS SV6 Omega | eBay Plus it's $165 including postage I found an alternative for $47 bucks ! If anyone is interested I can...
  10. S

    My 2007 VE SV6 Mods

    Hi all Haven't been on in ages so i thought i might as put up some pics and details about my 2007 VE SV6 (New to all of this so go easy :)) Engine: Just a K&N air box filter Did have SS hotdog mufflers (which came with the car) but they sounded like a dying animal so back to...
  11. J

    Diff welding pro's and con's?

    i own a 2004 VY series II Ute. thinking about welding my diff in my but i am still not sure. what are the advantages and disadvantages of welding the diff? cheers
  12. Dom27

    [Alloytec] Classic 2 hole mod

    I own a VZ with an Alloytec 175. I would like to do the 2 hole mod to my air box, but i have a few questions surrounding it. Before you flame and tell me to search on the forums, i have... HEAPS :) what would be the best option out of: - 2 holes w/ stock air filter - 2 holes w/ k&n panel...
  13. T

    [Ecotec] Budget Performance Mods 99 VS ute (ecotec V6)

    Im not a expert by far........... i have a 99 VS ute (Ecotec V6) running duel fuel gas/petrol and a 3 speed column shift auto anyway i would like to get a little more power out of her??? i am on a bit of a budget at the moment so i was wondering what i can do??? i havent got the money for...
  14. nes138

    Mode readout LCD Challenge

    OK so I have a challenge for you all out there. I have an FC Holden that I have painstakingly replaced all the wiring using a VT donor car to supply that plus the engine/gearbox. My wife said I have to keep the original speedo and I have all the VT Commodore dash buttons mounted in the glove...
  15. DJ-Bolan

    Holden Commodore VE SV6

  16. tdirago

    Cheap/Free Mods for VX Commodores

    I have plenty of time on my hands but little as I'm saving for rims. Can i get a list of cheap/free mods i can do to my car? Thanks
  17. peter wan

    Holden Extended Warrenty Question

    Hi, just wondering regards to the 3yrs / 75,000kms extended warrenty that comes with the 2nd hand "Holden certified vehicles" from dealerships Do you have to go back to the dealer that sold you the car for services? Or any holden dealer will be ok? And will some small mods to the engine...
  18. K

    VY Lumina

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Delete this thread please...
  19. StormVY

    A guide to cheap and easy mods for your VY

    I don't want to spend a lot on my car for various reasons so have been doing small mods here and there and figured others may be interested in this sort of information. If you want an extensive thread on ALL things VY go here, dufus has compiled 2 massive posts with all the info you need...
  20. V

    Kill Switch Mod With VN Power Window Child Lock

    hi i was thinking of getting two drivers side VN Calias Power Window main switches but wiring the passengers side child lock as a kill switch wich wires do i re-direct and is it possible or will there be interference
  21. S

    vr commdore ute one tonner conversion help.

    hi everyone, I have a VR Commodore ute which has style sides like they all do. I was thinking of converting the style sides and replacing with a Flat Alloy Tray. I have a mate thats a sheet metal worker and panel beater so doing it wont be a problem. I just need to know laws and regulations...
  22. V

    2005 Holden VZ Storm Ute

    Hello guys, I'm new here and I've been reading around in a few threads and I have noticed there are alot of experienced people here that have a wide range of knowledge on cars. I decided that I am going to use these forums to get guidance from you guys towards some of the questions that I...
  23. ANL53X

    Removal if the intake duct?

    Hey everyone, i know there are a million things on here about custom intake mods. But while i was staring blankly into my engine bay, i thought about removing the intake duct (the goes front he on top the radiator to the bottom of the air box). I removed the two screws and took out the duct. it...
  24. JSTCOZ

    Re-flashing ECU?

    Hey guys, Been looking on the web and saw a vid on youtube about reflashing your ecu. link to video --> YouTube - Mighty Car Mods - How To Reflash Your ECU (SE01 EP22) I was just wondering if this is possible to do to a commy vs and if so, is it legal (or p-plate legal...)? Has...
  25. JSTCOZ

    New Exhaust on! Question...

    Hey! Got my 2.5" Catback exhaust straight through with center muffler on today (19th Feb) with the 3" dual tips coming on Monday (23rd Feb) and the thing sounds awesome! Pics will be up next week. Anyways, just got a few questions/statements about my car since the installation (keeping in mind...
  26. D

    What Next

    --2004 VY V6 Auto S-Pack-- Ok so I have put in a full front to back exhaust system and a CAI. What next guys? Ideas/Reasons/Prices...
  27. D

    Just Installed CAI

    Hey Guys, --2004 VY V6 S-Pack-- I just installed my own version of a CAI. I Cost me $55 for all parts. I picked up a CAI flexible pipe from AutoOne at Waitara (NSW) and some cable ties. Basically i cut a hole right next to the stock intake hole in the airbox and connected up the flexi...
  28. VSV6

    VS Steering Wheel

    Hey guys after using the "FFS search bar" and coming back with **** all, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if there is a way to get the cover off the Steering Wheel for the VS? I'm repainting my whole dash and wanted to paint the cover, and trying to tape it up is a bitch, the tape doesn't...
  29. S

    97 vt acclaim-help me

    hey everyone im new here but yeah anyways im looking at buying my first car and i found a real nice 97 VT Acclaim but one problem down here in victoria we have a kw per tonne limit for the factory weight of cars for p platers? its ___kw per tonne but thats only of the factory weight and power of...
  30. S

    vz sv6 mods? help

    hi there. im a red P plater from melbourne and i was just wondering what mods i can do to my car without them being seen? ive got a black holden commodore vz sv6. 190Kw standed (auto =[ couldnt find a cheap manual.) ill up load pictures of it when i have done the following to it...