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  1. M

    ex cop ve ute problems with internal lighting

    i recently run my battery flat i discounted it recharged it and once reconnect my dash and stereo were stuck in night mode , it is a ex cop ute so it has the switch near the sun cases which never actually worked the whole time ive had the car mind you but ive reset every setting push both...
  2. D

    VZ Headlight & Mode switches not illuminating on changeover

    I have a VZ SV6 Crewman (07), tricked a little but not under the bonnet. I'm in the process of upgrading the dash & clusters, one of the "fun" things is the lighting switches. My old ones are pewter color and they illuminate when headlights are on. I'm switching them to black, and I have...
  3. M

    VT - Trip meter/odo have disappeared from MODE display

    Hi all Just had my VT serviced today and noticed when I drove it away that my trip meter and odo were missing from the display (usually odo, trip, dist to empty, overspeed when you press MODE). Trip meter is handy to have! I did the 'hidden' features with mode+right button as I turned on...
  4. nes138

    Mode readout LCD Challenge

    OK so I have a challenge for you all out there. I have an FC Holden that I have painstakingly replaced all the wiring using a VT donor car to supply that plus the engine/gearbox. My wife said I have to keep the original speedo and I have all the VT Commodore dash buttons mounted in the glove...
  5. N

    Yet another SAFETY MODE issue

    Hi guys, Long time observer, first time poster...I generally dont post on forums but am pretty desperate to have the 'safety mode - reduced power' issue on my VE SV6 06 resolved. Around 2 1/2 weeks ago, the safety mode - reduced power - messages appeared after being on the road for a good...
  6. J

    "burn in mode"

    Hey Guys and Girls, Ok, first post ever, so let me know if I aint got it right.. Currently I'm having some dramas with my VE SS. One quick trip down to the bank and about halfway there, the LCD screen above the radio starts to flash "BURN IN MODE" ?? Now this started flashing about...
  7. A

    vt always in limp mode.

    hey guys just wondering if someone could help me with this everlasting problem of mine. My vt just wont go! I took it to get a dyno reading just for my own knowledge and curiousity and it made a scary 103rwhp. My mechanic found out that some incompitant knobgina, so and so who owned it before me...
  8. R

    AC/Heater mode dial not working?

    Hi guys, I have had my VT Wagon for about a month and so far everything has been good until now. I just took it away for the weekend 3 hours drive away from home. Everything was fine on the way and I did not use the car for the two days until I hopped in to go home. It was a really hot day...