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  1. J

    Novice Question - Why the Battery Location in VF SS Commodore

    Hey guys, Foreword - I'm a brand-new novice in the world of cars, but hoping to learn, and to probably begin to modify my VF SS in the coming months (also looking for suggestions on where to start with that - performance and handling, not just lowered with an exhaust haha). So forgive me if my...
  2. E

    VF SSV 2014 L77 Upgrade / Mod

    Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading my 2014 SSV VF Commodore (Auto) and have very limited experience/knowledge other than what I've researched to get me to this point... I have recently upgraded my cat back to 3 inch Xforce and now looking at getting the Xforce 1 7/8" 4 into 1, OTR Intake Kit...
  3. A

    3.8L Holden VY Rebuild. help please!

    Afternoon everyone, Recently decided to rebuild and add some modifications to my 03 VY. There's a whole list of things that I am planning for it, and i decided to get some opinions for everybody who is interested on the forums. Please feel free to add something in, or let me know how you...
  4. capsey7

    Low cost mods for ecotec

    I'm about to place an order for a MACE 25mm Manifold Insulator and MACE CAI for my 2001 V6 VU ute. Only thing is I'm not too sure if its worth getting as the car has done nearly 400'000km, any suggestions as to if its worth it and em I just wasting my money? Its about $575, including postage...
  5. jayden.2.2

    [VIC] WTS: Genuine G8 Rear Diffuser *BRAND NEW*

    ITEM: Genuine G8 Rear Diffuser LOCATION: Victoria, Bendigo Region CONDITION: BRAND NEW PRICE: $80 ONO + Postage DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or Courier PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Paypal? (if it works that way?) CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: TO...
  6. M

    VE Series 1 and 2 Exhaust Differences

    Hey all, looking at putting twin system on my VE Series 1, 60th Ann. I have found a system for sale of a SV6 Series 2 Ve. Are there any differences between the Series 1 and 2 systems, including mufflers and mounting that i should be aware of?? Cheers.
  7. N

    2005 vz ute mods

    just got a stock standard white vz ute and just wondering what to do with it ? i was thinking 19'' wheels thunder hard lid lowered smoked tail lights and indicators and sound system any feedback would be awsome
  8. C

    Headers & Extractors

    hey guys, im looking at buying some headers and extractors for my 1994 vr acclaim and i was wondering which brands to go with or companys to go through for a good deal and good quality products from your own experience cheers
  9. D

    what else can i do while i redo my heads?

    I have to pull my heads off again for a second time now after blowing the gasket So i was just wondering what else should i do while i have it apart? Its a VT Supercharged 6 just stock standard but plans to be suped up soon i was thinkin... New alloy LIM gaskets, porting LIM and Charger ( does...