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  1. J

    Basic modifications

    Hey guys, I’m fresh to the group and forum here, having just bought my first decent car. VF SS Auto Sedan with just under 90k on the clock. Looking for some advice on some baseline/starting modifications that I could get done to make it more of a sleeper. Also if anyone knows of a good place...
  2. D

    Hi-flow cat

    I got a vy wagon I'm putting a cat back 2.5 exhaust on I was thinking about doing a hi-flow cat too just looking for opinions on this whether I should do it or not ???
  3. B

    SV6 VE Series II MY12 Modificications help

    Hey guys, first post here. So i'm buying a Red SV6 VE Series II, and wanted to do some interior modifications. Idea's I had in mind were: LED lights replaced to white LED Lights in the footwells or any other place Panel wrapping Any other interior modifications you can recommend that'll...
  4. S

    Modifying a Commodore

    Currently own a VY commodore. Just wondering what peoples thoughts where on a Jap mod based modded VY Commodore?? Like, 1, Big exhaust, (cannon, straight through etc.) I've seen an adjustable exhaust system where you press a button and it opens up... bypasses the muffler or something (this...
  5. J

    Best Performance Mods i can make to my L76 6.0L engine?

    money is no problem im just looking to go crazy and see what beast i can produce and i want opinions on what you all think are the best performance mods out there. links to websites, lists and anything like that are greatly appreciated. Im thinking pistons and rings, push rods, roller rockers...
  6. jayden.2.2

    Aftermarket VE Berlina tail lights

    Hey all, Just wondering if anybody has come across some aftermarket Black LED tail lights that fit a 2007 VE Berlina, an example of the look im after is shown below. I can't seem to find any that are compatible for the life of me, and im not keen on replacing the whole rear bumped just so i can...
  7. M

    Ve fog light switch modification

    Hi guys, As there is no existng plug on my VE 60th Anniversary to attach a foglight loom to, i have purchased an aftermarket wiring kit. I have attached a circut daigram of the aftermarket loom i currently have. On the print, below the aftermarket switch i have a plug. I was wondering if...
  8. K

    Modifying My VS Manual Ute

    Hey guys. I just bought a VS Ute, manual with Gas.. Im starting to make it look custom as, Ive got a ve clubsport front bumper, led lights inside and out, Xeon headlights, sick tail lights etc. Im wondering how to make it look unlike a VS and into something Rare and custom. Can i put VU mirror's...
  9. S

    [WA] Anyone know the WA laws for suspension and wheels?

    I have recently moved to Western Australia and bought a VS Commodore, all I want to do is lower it a little bit with a stiffer shock/spring combo and put on some larger alloys (probably factory ones from a later model). I just want to know what the rules are so I can keep it all legit? Cheers
  10. P

    Fried instrument cluster

    Hi all, My son (a first year electronics apprentice) thought it would a fantastic surprise to mod my instrument cluster (colored led's) while i was away at work.... he bought a kit off ebay and proceeded to pull my pride and joy apart. Problem is, when he had finished installing all the new...
  11. M

    Suggested Body mods?

    hey guys, im a new owner of a silver 06 VE omega, which i know isnt much, but being only 18 and for a first car im proud of it im getting a bit bored of the looks of the stock body, just wondering your opinions on bodykits, lights, wings. etc. ive currently removed the "Commodore" and...
  12. 9

    Selected Gear LED

    Im thinking of putting a series of LEDs or a LCD Display some were on the dash that wiil light up no the selected Gear in a Auto i think i ,ay need microswitches or can i use the existing switches or is that guna mess up the ECU
  13. A

    Lumina S DVD Modification Help

    Hi all, I have searched high and low for answers but i cant find any info... does anyone know how to put a dvd player/touchscreen mod into this car? the blaupunkt CD is covering the front with ac controls embedded into the panel so how can i change it? i dont mind cutting the plastic or...
  14. M

    stock Vr V6 Acclaim (1994), need advise on upgrades & mods

    :idea3: Ive got a stock Vr V6 Acclaim (1994), need advise on upgrades & mods Now just recently iv put in a 4 pin LSD, and 3:4:5 gear ratio ,and chucked in a speedo corrector... Also i removed my stock memcal and put in a performance chip stage III from ebay, is this the right way to put it...
  15. D

    What Next

    --2004 VY V6 Auto S-Pack-- Ok so I have put in a full front to back exhaust system and a CAI. What next guys? Ideas/Reasons/Prices...
  16. F

    Vz sv6 best air intake???? Help

    Hey I have an 05 vz sv6 with a full exhaust. I would like to get some kind of cold air intake system. i have heard of the "ss growler system" and "2nd hole" (NOT a Fan) and also heard of an "over the radiator system". i really dont know much about air intake so if anyone can give me a hand...
  17. theartofnecro

    BEGINNER n00b question - VX modding

    Im a new owner of an equip series II VX and i want to start modding it up.. i was wondering if anybody can let me know of some basic DIY mods and engine info to get me started :) Personal tips/advice or links would be great :) Help would be greatly apreciated Thanks
  18. blindworld1

    good things to upgrade on VS

    Heyy, I been looking around for things to upgrade on my VS Berlina 95 model. I cant really find anything.. If someone could help me with some ideas or give me some links it would be greatly appreciated thanks
  19. Stressball

    Modification plates and approval?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what sort of modifications to a car would require a modification plate and approval to be carried out. I know things such as modifications to safety equipment, seat belts etc would need to be approved and have a plate fitted.. But when it comes to engine modification...