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  1. J

    Basic modifications

    Hey guys, I’m fresh to the group and forum here, having just bought my first decent car. VF SS Auto Sedan with just under 90k on the clock. Looking for some advice on some baseline/starting modifications that I could get done to make it more of a sleeper. Also if anyone knows of a good place...
  2. M

    MPS Stage 2 Shift kit (Auto)

    Hey, Wondering if anyone has come across this website/ organisation or have been through these guys https://www.mpskits.com.au/ $250 for MPS Stage 2 shift kit. Product and installation. Thoughts?
  3. J

    P's mods

    So I have a 2010 VE sv6 (series 2) I'm a apprentice mechanic at a performance shop so I know what I'm doing under the bonnet but my question is what should I do whilst on my P's to have a tough lil 6 banger and "try" still be legal. I don't mind dropping good amounts of cash on it so I'm...
  4. T

    [Alloytec] SV6 Modification Help (200+ Rear Wheel KW)

    Hey everyone, So I am looking at selling my VZ SV6 Ute, and with that, and the money I have saved up I'll have a fair bit in the bank. So I am looking at getting a SV6 sedan either VZ or early VE and I have found a bunch of modifications that I need some more information about and whether or...
  5. B

    cosmetic mods ve omega help please!

    P plater and I know its an omega but its all I could afford. Would love a V8 THOUGH :3 Just seeing what you guys think of these no engine mods will be done mostly just cosmetic stuff Car is heron white - SV6 front bumper - some 8k bulbs for front lights -g8 diffuser -boot lip...
  6. M

    Modifying VT Acclaim - Front bumper

    I'm looking at making some modifications to my fairly stock VT Acclaim sedan. The colour is Raven blue/black and I already have a spoiler. Other than getting it mechanically ship-shape I'm looking at doing the following - Replacing LHS front quarter panel (has bad dint at front) - Adding SS...
  7. Vxcalaisv8

    VX Calais 5.7L rough Rwkw estimate?

    I know it's hard to estimate the rwkw without it being dyno tested. But my Vx Calais has a 5.7L V8, 2.5" x-force twin exhaust system with catbacks and extractors. Stage 2 shift kit, Ls1 edit and a CAI. Just wondering if anyone with similar mods has had their car tested and give me a rough number?
  8. 9

    My VR Project/hobby

    alright so, when i got my vr basically for free i expected a few things to be wrong with it, but since i don't really care about getting it road worthy and registered, i was wondering what things i could to to make it visually impressive and standout, what are some cheap mods i can do to it...
  9. Z

    vt commodore mods?

    i have a 98' vt commodore. currently has no modifications. unfortunatly has recently broken down thanks to a crack in the radiator, but once i get this fixed i am looking to do up my car. any suggestions for modifications i can do? thanks:)
  10. D

    VX SS Project Car Modification Recommendations - Help

    Hi All, Im sure this comes up a lot so i apologise for the repeat. I have a VX SS, it is my first V8 and I have decided to make it my project car. I need some guidance and recommendations with regards to the modifications. I have a mild working knowledge of mechanics and "sort of" capable...
  11. Eblostdiamond

    Advice and Help with mods

    Hey guys, I've got a series 1 2010 sv6, in a manual and I'm looking at getting these mods done: Calais boot lip spoiler Pontiac G8 bonnet 20" or 22" rims and wheels Colour change on the inside lights (EG Dash, head unit) Black LED tail lights Neons under the back passengers seats...
  12. S

    Aftermarket Mods and Aftermarket Warranty

    Hi all, Long time troller, first time poster with a boring question. I have recently bought a used VE SSV ute with AWN Bronze Coverage Warranty included; the contract states that the warranty will not cover "vehicles modified beyond the manufacturer's specifications".. Say the oil pump blew...
  13. J

    Recommendations for new modifications???

    Hey everyone, Got myself a VZ Ute, pretty sure its just a standard executive type ute. Mods I've already done are: -new headlights -new bumper with fog lights installed -aftermarket sound system installed -new tail lights installed -20% window tint I was thinking of doing some of the...
  14. H

    First car cheap modifications

    OK guys I am getting my hands on a 60th Anniversary Commodore (Omega) in a few weeks, what are some cheap ways to make the car look better? I was considering neons, spraying the calipers & mags and getting a straight through muffler. I am thinking my cap will be about $800.
  15. eXphoid

    3rd Party Insurance claim process

    If my car is insured as third party, and in the event of an accident where it is my fault; what is the process insurance companies go by to process a claim? Has anybody experienced this? How I see the situation is - I make the claim - They inspect the car I damaged - Pay out the cars...
  16. V

    '02 CV8 Monaro Mods [Advice]

    Hey all, I'm a new poster to the forums, although I have spent quite a deal of time lately reading up on a lot of the justcommodores forum. And also a fair newbie to the V8 and car modification bug, so I hope you'll excuse any questions that may seem a little 'unknowledgeable' (?):hmmm: haha...
  17. motorbreth

    [Ecotec] My VX Calais S2 - Questions about mods and what not!

    Hi guys, I was thinking about doing an L67 conversion but I think that's out of the question for the time being as I'd like to see what I can do with my L36 and if I don't what I'm after I'll consider the L67 or maybe just fork out the cash for a nice 6L. I'm chasing around 200rwkw/270bhp so I...
  18. B

    VY Berlina vs BA XLS ute help

    Hey look i've got a mate at school with a XLS ute with John Bowe extractors... not adding much power I knnow... any way I have a completely stock standard VY berlina, I'm keen to beat his car and I really have no clue how to do it... myself not being very mechanically minded, however, cars have...
  19. Mase1990

    My VY storm, halp :P

    Hey i dont really know heaps about cars, just learning. I got my storm like 2 weeks ago and I have some questions and such that i need some help with. :) I need to get 2 new front tyres, the ones on it now are 18" i believe. I think thats 225/40R18, just wondering what i'd be looking at to...
  20. M500

    Mafless Tune for MY2010 6.0l - Issues

    I have had my MY2010 VE SSV Ute since Nov 09 and sent it to be tuned, etc straight away. When the car was in the workshop I was informed that Holden had played with the computer such that the MY2010 model 6.0l cars wont accept a mafless tune. After a couple of weeks waiting they managed to get a...
  21. M

    Info needed please

    I've just baught a vx exec, 3.8L v6 , i dont know all that much about cars im new to this. I want to mod it a fair bit, and need a rough idea of how much im looking at paying for different things, and in what order they should be done in. im not gona be going overboard, All i want is a set of...
  22. Paul_grima

    Vp Exterior Mods

    Hey i got a VP commodore and was just looking for some ideas on some exterior mods i have a recent pic. Also needing help on technical questions.
  23. V

    Wing or no wing???

    I got a red vz ss and I'm contemplating taking the wing off what do you reakon? Does anyone have any photos of one without a wing?
  24. jones-84

    vs caprice v8 5 speed project

    My project car... well actually my daily driver 1996 series 1 VS Caprice white over silver 5L v8 stock 5 speed manual with hd clutch slammed on pedders springs (torana springs in rear) 18 inch vy clubsport wheels 3 inch cat back exhaust. im looking to freshen up the interior...
  25. C

    VN performance mods

    without sounding like too much of a tightarse, i was wondering what the best way to add HP for under 500 bucks to my VN? not too mech/tech minded. currently has 2.5 catback, pacemaker extractors on the way. also has manual buick 3.8 in it, S1. not trying to make a drag beast, just want to get...
  26. snowybill

    P-Plate legal (performance) Mods to 86 VL

    hey guys, ive not long owned my pretty stockage VL. the only performance wise upgrades im aware of are 2.5" straight thru with extractors, and a custom aftermarket chip. (it also has wider than average tyres, the guy that owned it used to do hillclimbing in it) I'm just wondering what...