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  1. Mattricho

    Trusted mechanic for modified cars Brisbane Southside

    Hi all as the title says I’m planning on getting a cam and OTR and tune done on the mistress and just wondering who you use to service your modified cars around brisbane??
  2. W

    Modified series 1 ss vs near stock series 2 ss

    Hey guys, first time poster here! Just wondering if you guys could give me some advice... I'm looking at upgrading to a VE SS ute... But I'm debating whether I should go for series 1 as with engine work already done (320-350kw @wheels) or a near stock series 2 SS with maybe an exhaust and otr...
  3. S

    VCC: Modified as per Compliance Cert. ????

    Hi everyone, I just sold my 2014 VF Commodore Sportwagon Evoke and upgraded to a runout model 2017 SV6 VF. The buyer has pointed out on the bottom of the rego paper the following: VCC: Modified as per Compliance Cert. 1200101500443MVPv01. Modified as per report number 1200101500443MP Issued...
  4. T

    [LS1] Modified Daily Driver

    Hey fellas, Getting my full license soon and am in the market for an older SS. I am interested in the best bang for your buck mods that won't ruin fuel economy and reliability, maybe even improve it? Also I know Commys don't have the best handling and where I live there is some nice twistys so...
  5. Daniels-VY

    Daniel's 09 430hp Quicksilver SSV Ute.

    Hey all, I've been a member of this site for a few years now and if you've read my name you can probably guess as to why. I used to own a 03 VY SS ute which was a lot of fun however I swapped to a 4wd for a year or so ago... However I'm glad to say that I'm back with my Holden's and am pretty...
  6. moocow

    Questions on cammed rebuild

    Hi again, So I've recently done some work on my engine and just have some questions. I added a stage 2 comp cam, stiffer valve springs and a double row timing chain. I had my heads ported and the valves reseated. I realise that changing the cam is gonna move the power higher up in the rev...
  7. moocow

    Thoughts, opinions and advice?

    This is my VS that I've slowly been working on over the last 8 months or so. Was basically my "P cruiser" lol My Garage What do you guys think? Keep in mind my budget isn't that great XD
  8. M

    VE Series 1 and 2 Exhaust Differences

    Hey all, looking at putting twin system on my VE Series 1, 60th Ann. I have found a system for sale of a SV6 Series 2 Ve. Are there any differences between the Series 1 and 2 systems, including mufflers and mounting that i should be aware of?? Cheers.
  9. N

    Would love to see some sick modified VNs

    Anyone with photos of their pride and joy VN Commys all done up would be great! I'm just starting to do mine and can't seem to find much inspiration on the net so far..
  10. jonwilliams76

    SS Head lights & Tail lights

    A few of you guys have suggested that I get SS Head lights and Tail lights but I cannot seem to find photo's to see the difference..... Can you guys please help and post some Pic's... Of either suggestion's or your of your own photo's
  11. LordDingustine

    Commodore VR Ute (AKA:Brutus)

    Hey guys, yer im a newbie to this whole thing. Just bought myself a VR ute, added the nose scoop and skirtings, and then 19" rims:D V happy Built in a subby box and running that and pioneer deck, tweeters and two front spkrs from alpine amp. Next step is a metallic paint interior, going for...