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  1. Jparr97

    What To Do Next?

    hi i've got a 2004 vz 5.7l SS, i have fitted a full exhaust system (4 into 1 1-3/4" headers 100 cell cats and 3" catback) and an OTR( kept the MAF) i got the car tuned at profection hume in ACT at the start of the year and it made 253 rwkw and am very happy with the results. i do what to get the...
  2. K

    Mod guide for Holden redline

    Hey there, so I am wondering what to do one my Holden Commodore ve redline 2011, It have a 3 inch catback system, only missing the headers so i though i will do the following : Headers OTR air intake "VCM" Tune -------- I was thinking about getting a cam package, will it worth it? can it...
  3. VFSSBlackLS3

    Retaining low end power while modding

    Hi, I have the option to buy a cheap but good quality VCM OTR intake for my VF SS LS3, and I'm curious to know is it possible to achieve hi output horsepower gains, while at the same time maintaining low end torque or improving low end torque, when it comes to installing mods such as headers and...
  4. Big_willy

    Do I do up my 380000km commodore?

    My auto commodore has roughly 380,000km on the clock. I'm thinking of starting to do some mods such as exhaust/coil overs etc... Is it worth even doing up or should I just get another newer one?! If it is worth doing up. What are some recommended mods? Cheers!
  5. D

    Hi-flow cat

    I got a vy wagon I'm putting a cat back 2.5 exhaust on I was thinking about doing a hi-flow cat too just looking for opinions on this whether I should do it or not ???
  6. DeathSammich

    Modified Air Box

    I've looked everyone but can't really find a straight answer. With a VT Commodore where would be the best place to cut a hole in the air box and how long and where should the PVC pipe lead? Is it worth doing?
  7. D

    MY Ve 09 SSV ute.

    Hey guys, this is my current build. 6l, manual, silver My09.5 SSV ute. - FAST, lsx-r 102mm manifold - VCM OTR intake. - GM Motorsports turbo killer 2 cam: Specs Duration @ .050 - INT 237 - EXT 243 Lobe Separation 112 +Adv Valve Lift INT 0.620 - EXT 0.623 - ultra-pro magnum adjustable roller...
  8. VTL67Calais

    6.35 insulator for l67, does anyone know about spacers needed etc

    Hi im ordering a inlet gasket, 82c thermo and some other things, does any one know if the $95 insulator 6.35 needs these extra parts and if so how much and where to order? I ask as it says on site What's Included? Our 6.35mm thick manifold insulator, providing users with installation...
  9. J

    Shift kit - VT Acclaim HELP!!

    I'm planning on getting a TransGo Shift kit for my VT, I was just wondering how much a mechanic might charge for an installation ?
  10. Wickham_1995

    VC Commodore L help

    I've recently bought a VC Commdore L with a 3.3 202 blue motor and i was just wondering if anyone had some good ideas or mods to help me make it run abit better and gain a little more power without going over the top with modification? Cheers in advance
  11. B

    SV6 VE Series II MY12 Modificications help

    Hey guys, first post here. So i'm buying a Red SV6 VE Series II, and wanted to do some interior modifications. Idea's I had in mind were: LED lights replaced to white LED Lights in the footwells or any other place Panel wrapping Any other interior modifications you can recommend that'll...
  12. danbran

    vs ecotec power mods and tune

    i have just starting making my duel throttle body (yes i know it doesnt do much) but i got all the parts for $30 and i can make the rest for free so i thought i may as well! But here is my question, if i put the MAF sensor in still will it run ok? i can imagine there would be some catch or...
  13. danbran

    VS ute twin throttle body, and power mods?

    Hi, ive just started to modify my ute! its fair good condition and i want to start making parts! I am in the middle making a twin throttle body for it with modified intake out of alloy! when it is finished I need some advice! whats next? do i get a tune? do i wait to put new rockers and...
  14. B

    Cosmetic mods for my ve omega help me!!

    P plater and I know its an omega but its all I could afford. Would love a V8 THOUGH :3 Just seeing what you guys think of these no engine mods will be done mostly just cosmetic stuff :) Car is heron white - SV6 front bumper - some 8k bulbs for front lights -g8 diffuser -boot lip...
  15. V

    performance needed??

    Car:VS Manual T5 UTE Current Mod's: 2.5"cat back,cat's punched out,K&N Panel Filter,9mm Leads,NGK plug's and that's it! opponent car:BA xr6 ute manual Mod's: 2.5" cat back and thats it I have booked a race at the drags (where it is safe and legal and controlled!!) on the 25th of january...
  16. K

    Interior and performance mods

    I have a stock v6 97 model vs It's heather frost green on 20 inch black rims Just want some suggestions for performance and interior mods Money isn't an issue This is just a bit of a project to kill time for when I'm bored Any suggestions would be helpful.
  17. F

    Cold air intake kit and other bolt on mods advice please.

    So I saw a thread similar to this already but wanted to ask a few questions myself. I realise installing a basic cold air intake system on my 2011 VE SV6 Thunder won't turn it into a drag car but I was thinking about doing it anyway because well, I have some obsession with spending money on my...
  18. J

    [LS1] Best Performance Mods i can make to my gen 3 5.7l LS1?

    money is no problem i wanna go all out, im just looking to go crazy and see what beast i can produce and i want opinions on what you all think are the best performance mods out there. links to websites, lists and anything like that are greatly appreciated. Im thinking pistons and rings, push...
  19. V

    VT Berlina - Mods and Faults

    Hey guys, another noob to the forum. Quick overview, im 16, got my L's, have a Lancer but want to get rid of it cause it dies on hills and i want a bigger car with more power. I am an absolute Holden nut, my father converted me when i was little showing me all his old cars - HT Monaro's and...
  20. Mattde

    New Ride!

    Hey guys, So after ditching my VX i have finally upgraded to an '05 VZ! Already has: Growler CIA (K&N filter) SS Bodykit (so far as i can tell) Nolathane Strut Brace Some form of BSA 17"s but no idea what they are haha What you guys think? So since I am also new to completely...
  21. V

    what engine modifications perform well with l76

    Hello my names jacob I own a vz ss 2006 Has 115000km on the clock Currently has Otr with mafless tune, Cam with ruffly 113 lobe separation to fit a supercharger down the line, And all the bits and pieces that are required when changing a cam 3.9/1 diff ratio 1" 3/4 pacemaker header 4 to...
  22. V

    My VZ ute build

    Hi all This is my first time posting so if I do something wrong please let me know, any ways I have a VZ ute 05model and nothing done to it at all here is my list of things I'm thinking of doing to it in the next couple of months Now so everyone knows I'm a green p plater driver so I can't...
  23. soleit

    Car Mods spreadsheet

    I was impressed with a spreadsheet I found on here and decided to vamp it up a bit with graphs, details etc. It's made with Office 2013 but can be used from Office 2007+ and most open source office software. If you think of anything else that would be good to add into it, let me know and I'll...
  24. Turnerj

    Turner's Super 6

    Model: 2002 VX (Series II) S Pack Colour: Gold Engine: Supercharged 3.8L Stage 1 Performance Mods - 12 PSI Supercharger Pulley (MACE) - W2A Intercooler (MACE) - High Ratio Rockers (MACE) - 2.5" Twin Redback Exhaust + Hi-flow Cats - Pacemaker Extractors - Larger Throttle Body (MACE) - Stage 2...
  25. M

    l67 parts for ecotec ?

    hey mate ive got a vy s2 calais and what to do a engine swap to the l67, anyway just want to know what parts work with the ecotec and the l67, then when i do the engine swap i can just put on the l67 thanks
  26. D

    First car (VT) cheap mods, help!?!?!?

    Hey, i'm 18 and I have a Vt and just want to do some cheap mods as i'm very low on cash. want to do thwm performance or looks wise. Open so anything! So far I have: - taken paint off so I have a chrome grill - new number plate lights - new headlight bulbs today - came lowered at the back...
  27. T

    VP p plater mods!!

    Hey all, i've just bought my first car vp executive and i have been looking around for performance parts and this is wat i got: Redback extractors Redback 2.5" catback VP 5.0L fuel pump 70mm throttle body Top gun 10mm pro racing ignition leads STAGE 4 performance MEMCAL Growler CAI...
  28. spinking

    extended bonnet/angry eyes

    hopefully you guys can see these attachments! :computer: there's a post on here of a tidy looking black Ute vz or vy cant remember, with an extended bonnet and i'm having trouble finding the thread, i didn't get the chance to ask him how the hell he did it where he got it what it cost weather...
  29. Chady

    [VIC] VR/VS V6 Performance Mods for sale

    LOCATION: VIC - Ringwood 3134 CONDITION: Used PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] / 0404 251394 SMS Only please ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Alpine CDE-121E CD Tuner - $100 (RRP $199) Specs -...
  30. S

    Bonnet Modification

    I have a pod filter for a vn commy and I am not sure if my car would pass or a rode worthy or not if I cut out a hole in my bonnet so my pod filter sticks out kinda and have it secured so it don't bounce about. any clue's anyone?
  31. K

    [Ecotec] Making it last!

    Hey All, This question relates to my V6 VY Executive. It has 195,000km and so far have had a good run. The Cats went about 2 months ago and had HI Flows put and thought while I'm doing that might as well do the exhaust all up $980. I want my VY to last as long as it can and was thinking about a...
  32. R

    VE 06 Calais Stereo Video Playback

    Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I was last on here, even had to create a new profile. Last posts I made were for my VL (8 years ago) which is now long gone. Well I'm now the proud owner of a VE Calais. I've been looking forward to this day for many years now. My question to anyone is...
  33. M

    Holden Rodeo Enhancements/Mods

    Hey people, first post here. Recently trading in my xr6 turbo for a 01' Rodeo 4 cylinder Petrol, 122,000 kms, just asking for a bit of advice?? Cosmetic wise, I've got it tinted and getting an mp3 headdeck and speaker system next week put it. I'm also changing the spark plugs and lead...
  34. A

    rb25 heads on rb30

    hey guys, i have a 88 vl non turbo and have heard a few things about putting (as the title says) a rb25 head on a rb30 block. what's the difference in doing so, is it just bolt on, and most importantly is it even worth it?... also, what other bolt on mods will go nicely? currently have larger...
  35. C

    VE omega help

    ok im new to this so bear with me i have bought a my10 VE omega i want to get a better sound and a bit more power out of her can any one help me with suggestions please as i am desperate i need help its a 6spd auto by the way
  36. T

    VY S Mods and Performance Problems

    Hi, I'm just looking for anyone who can give a bit of advice. Currently I have a (mostly) stock VY S, the only mod on it so far is a Lukey 2.5" Cat back exhaust. I've got my eye on some of the induction mods from MACE. Though I'm a bit reluctant to jump in and start installing them because...
  37. J

    Paint Codes IDEA FOR FORUMN

    Hey guys, New to the forumn, had a bit of an idea and need a bit of help. Basically looking for everyone to chip in with posts. Ive got a car now, first one, and am gonna repaint when the time comes and found it quite difficult to find the correct code. Im suggesting everyone post a pic of...
  38. J

    VE Lumina P plate mods?

    Best sounding Exhaust for a VE Lumina??? I was just wondering if people that have installed a system on their ve could tell me a good one :)
  39. taylooor

    List of mods, but where do I go?

    Hey guys, here are some things im doing to my VT in the coming month or two; - VT SS body kit - VX Rear Garnish - Monaro Tail Lights - Adding another sub to my boot Who could I go to in order for them to get it all done for the cheapest price, preferably all at the same time? I could...
  40. dmacey

    OZTRACK, Anyone used them for a SSV, or SS?

    OZTRACK Tuning, Anyone used them for a SSV, or SS? Just picked up my SSV on Friday last week and looking at some mods that can be done relatively quickly. Been reading a few threads and it seems that Walkinshaw are overpriced, rebadged products with smaller gains, KPM have had some good...