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  1. S

    EBCM ABS Connector Pinout

    Hi All, Looking if someone can help provide me a pin out for the ABS module in the VY V8, Im after the rear Solenoid connections (Connector YE98 from what ive found). i have done a fair bit of research but all i can find is the sensors that are labeled and not the solenoids even in the service...
  2. D

    VF Commodore Evoke Wagon with external lighting problems

    I have a VF Commodore Exoke station wagon. I installed a dash cam recently and believe I have damaged a control module in the car. The left headlight low beam no longer works, the left front indicator and left front guard indicator no longer work, the rear left tail light no longer works but the...
  3. K

    Vz ecu programming

    Hello, my vz ecu is fried, no suprise there. I bought a refurbished reset ecu. I also have GM Tech2 with tis2 approval. The car did not come with any security information nor codes. TAC holden has every security code for the car, but the one I need. When I put the new ECU in and try to link...
  4. B

    FED UP with failing Commodore computer modules

    I have had commodores since the release of the VN, now driving a VX II. I am so disappointed with the number of failures of the computer modules over the years due to dry joints. Have replaced 3 ECUs in the VN and now find my VX has a faulty ABS module. Can't believe these problems still occur...
  5. 1991_Vn2nV

    VY V6 stalling intermittently? Try this before you start spending $$$

    Just posting this up, as I had an issue last night and tried searching here for a solution but didn't get much luck with my problem. So thought my experience may prove handy to others... On the way home last night, I started the VY and before I put it into Reverse, it stalled. Before this I'd...
  6. nalchlan

    dfi module playing up

    hey guys on Friday I must have gotten some water from QR in my dfi module, as my no. 2and 5 coil is not sparking, I have msd replacements so I checked with a stock coil, still no spark. can coils be interchanged I would like to check with a coil that I know is functioning. another question is...
  7. C

    Is there a way to test the DFI Module?

    Can you test a DFI module? I know you can test your leads and ignition coils wth a multimetre, can some simliar process be applied to the DFI module. Thanks, Alex Short
  8. S

    VK Ignition Problems

    Hey all, I have a VK Berlina 3.3 EFI, and for some F%#ked up reason, my car has no spark. Yes, i have checked and tested the coil. Yes, i have checked and tested the Module. I am running out of ideas.. VK ignitions are pretty simple.. yet still no luck. Any help, ANYYYTHING will be...