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monaro bonnet

  1. VT Vanders

    [WA] Chasing VT VU VX Monaro bonnet

    DESCRIPTION: Looking to buy a Monaro bonnet to suit VT VU VX ITEM: monaro bonnet LOCATION: WA CONDITION: Not so fussed on condition as it’s getting painted anyway DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to pay shipping cost obviously, if it’s in Close enough to Perth I will pick it up PAYMENT...
  2. W

    Bonnet Scoops - how to fit mesh

    Hey all, just ordered the sports monaro bonnet, although it comes without the mesh on the scoops. Just wondering if anyone can point me in a direction of where to find a good mesh, and also wondering about how to fit this to the inside of the bonnet? Any pointers would be awesome. Thanks.
  3. 666vt

    my vt executive

    hi guys. this is my vt. its only a 6 cos im on my p's. will buy an 8 when i get off them. purchased it for $5k in full grandma spec in june 2008. Model: 98 executive Colour: raven blue black (I think) Engine: 3.8l Exhaust: not too sure but i paid close to $900 for it, with...