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  1. J

    Aftermarket Flash Drive Upgrade

    Was given this by a friend, as a product of Envious Customs., ans was wondering what people have has experience in its usage?
  2. N

    Full Redback or Lukey system on a '94 VR Acclaim Series II

    What do you think? Considering a Lukey or Redback system including extractors etc.. Worth the cash? Cold air intake, hi flo filter and restrictor removed already..
  3. M

    in a crAZY DILEMMA with $550

    hey all Flashback: me and my other 2 housemates came to an idea as to kinda gift each other on their bday around $550. ,So whenever ones bday comes two pitchin $275 and buy something or give the money to the bday boy . the rule is you cant save them , you have to buy or spend them. As...
  4. C

    My Vehicle Dilemma

    Hey Guys, I own a 1996 VS executive with 170000kms on the clock. My torque converter is stuffed and I have the option of getting a new transmission or maybe selling the car to get a new one. Basically I had an offer today at the gym for $2000 for my VS. I was going to get a fully reco'd...