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  1. H

    What springs should I get? VZ CLUBSPORT

    Just wondering if someone could please guide me on what springs to buy for my VZ Clubsport. The part numbers I currently have are; Fronts; KHFL-47SL+ Rears; KHRL-46SLHD Just wondering if anyone has this combination and would like to post some pictures to help me with my decision...
  2. Brad SSV

    Lowered 07 SSV

    Okay so I'm wanting to lower my SSV on sssl's all round and then going for a 3" xforce exhaust but not sure if my car will still be legal height in Qld. I was told sssl's have me 20-30mm above legal height but nothing to tell me if xforce hangs lower than stock.
  3. SSMAN

    Vx ss shock absorbers

    So I am looking to purchase new shocks for the rear and new struts for my car. I was looking through the monroe catalogue and was also told by a retail outlet that the 35-393, 35-394 standard height struts and 15-232 standard height shocks for the rear are what I need for the Fe2 suspension. is...