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  1. A

    How to install a monster tacho in vy

    I have a vy series II commodore which is a burnout car. I purchased a monster tacho and I need help with installing it. The tacho has red,black,yellow,green and yellow wires to connect to the car. I have been told about the solid brown wire in front of the coil pack. That is where I connect my...
  2. VNCalais3800

    Ebay Listing DNA 2.0 Farad Car Audio Capacitor Chrome ACP2000

    Ebay Listing Hey I got this capacitor i have no use for anymore so it has to go $125 starting price $20 postage ends a bit after 7 aest 2 December. search in ebay search Item number: 330500489779 5" Monster Tacho Autogage By Autometer With Shift Light Blue In Color. $75 starting price...