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more power output on a ve

  1. S

    2010 SV6 - Want to put a new louder exhaust.

    Hi everyone, What exhaust could i put on to make the car alot louder? At the moment I have a SS Inductions Growler KIT on that gives a bit of a roar when planting the accelerator. Any suggestions? Please keep in mine that im freshly 18 so I am doing this to last me till 22 and off my P's...
  2. T

    VE SV6 MY10 SIDI chip tuning

    Guys I was just wondering how to get more power out of my new ute. I used to have a VX series 2 S-pack and though it had less kw the throttle was a lot more responsive. I am hoping that with all your suggestions that come, that it won't void the warranty either. All the same I wanted...