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more power


    Skyline R34 GT-T or SS (opens)

    Hey everyone, Just been thinking lately about getting on my opens (a while away but still) and I always had it set in my mind i'd upgrade from my VT V6 and get a VY/VZ SS for the power and sound. All and all I am just plain bored with the power and want my next car to be something to...
  2. VT6er

    help me make more powerrrrrr.

    hey lads i cant decide what to do for my next mods for my ecotec VT. not looking to blow it or turbo it just yet but will be turboed down the track some time. and id rather put money into a 6 that can beat 8s. more fun :yeah: . so far is: extactors and 2 1/2 inch single pipe MSD coils and...