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  1. holdencallous

    vx commodore sub mounting?

    hey guys, I recently bought a new sub for my car and I would like to mount it with brackets to stop it from sliding into **** and moving about, I however can’t find any information on what is underneath the floorpan and I don’t want to drill into something that will stuff the car. Any...
  2. R

    94' remove metal speaker brackets and mount 6x9's to the parcel shelf alone

    hey guys just wondering if it is possible to do this or would the parcel shelf have a negative effect on the sound quality, vibrate etc. My friend insists proping the speaker up on a piece of cutout wood above the parcel shelf to fit the speaker through the original 6" metal speaker hole, to me...
  3. bmarriott.live

    Vx Air Horn install

    just wanting some advice on where is the best spot to mount a Twin air horn on a vx series 1 and what the best way to wire it is, thanks in advance.
  4. VesperZ

    How to mount amps to each side of the boot

    I am in the process of mounting my amps to each side of the boot. I'll try to explain this as best as I can without images. I am trying to figure out an easy way to mount them upright to the left side and right side of the boot and cover them using a thin piece of MDF followed by some carpet to...