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  1. Dooley_m47

    VE engine mounts

    Hi all. Just a quick question. Has anyone changed the left engine mount in a VE V6 ? Im after information. Cheers :)
  2. V

    Gearbox and engine mounts

    Hey guy's Just curious on how many engine mounts their are.. and how many gearbox mounts their are too.. And I know where to get the engine mounts from (ebay) but where do i get gearbox mounts from? I want to replace all of them because atm my gearbox hits the tunnel thingy when i give it more...
  3. 9

    installing second hand vs ecotec. what i need

    hey people i bought a 1996 vs s2 acclaim wagon about a month ago for 500 just for something to get to work with and that had rego and dude let me drive under his rego till run out. but since then the engine has been running like **** and knocking or rattling on idle and gets even louder and...