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  1. Z

    MP3 Player from USB (Problem)

    Hello New here and i have tried looking around the forum for an answer with no luck. Let me start by telling you I have a VE Holden Commodore Omega Wagon Series 2 I try and use the USB slot that is in the console. And it works I can use it for play MP3s but it does weird things. It...
  2. Jaz11

    CD vs Aux Audio Qaulity

    Hello Audio heads, i have a VE and as many of you VE owners have probly found it its near impossible to replace the stock headunit (to date) besides 1 $799 G8 fascia kit from the internet, and as i recently found out my Series 1 doesnt play mp3 CD's... so i found a happy medium, instead of a...
  3. F

    Can VE Omega MY 9.5 play Mp3 CD ?

    Hey Guys, I purchased 2009 omega ve last month. specifications say that it has got radio CD with 6 speakers. It also have front AUX port. the problem is that i cant play an Mp3 CD in its player. i rang Ballan Holden They said it should play Mp3. i tried several Mp3 CDs but none of them plays...
  4. H

    MP3 Playback Problem - Stereo Intermittingly Cutting Out

    So... I thought I would post this save the possible lengthy troubleshooting. THe problem is when I play MP3's burnt to CD occasionally I get a pause during a track usually round the 22sec mark then 20 seconds atfer. If I use the AUX port I don't get the problem. Now the CD's are straight in...
  5. S

    Does Holden iq system rip mp3 cd/DVD to the internal flash drive?

    Hey all Just a quick query. I finally retire my 2000 vt calais international and pick up my new redline ssv sportwagon tomorrow and am about to burn some CDs for it. Just wanted to hear from anyone that has an iq system as to whether it can rip mp3 cd/DVD to the internal flash drive or is it...