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  1. S

    RS exhaust note

    Hey guys. New here, don’t know a lot about cars, but I just bought a 2016 VF Calais V 3.6L. And I was interested in the exhaust sound and how it differed greatly to the newer 3.6L V6 RS lift back that I hired last week on holidays... the RS had a great sound when the engine started and under...
  2. A

    VF mufflers

    Just wondering, as a temporary change, which set of mufflers are worthy with notable sound. I'm not looking for something excessively loud since im on my p's, but a decent one that would give me a nice grunt or two. I've also been looking at the j-pipes/muffler deletes, they seem alright. Any...
  3. A

    Muffler change

    just wondering, if I was to change the stock muffler on the sv6 vf and put in an after market one would that give me a deeper/louder sound?
  4. AiiDynBrus

    Rear Mufflers

    Hi All, I know I should probably leave my VF SV6 exhaust alone and keep it stock but I’m thinking about putting on an SS Muffler? Will they fit and would a VE Rear Muffler fit my VF?
  5. H

    Muffler Compatibility

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a louder muffler for my SV6 VZ Ute and not sure where to start. Do only VZ mufflers fit or could others be used? Cheers for your help.
  6. D


    Hi everyone I just joined this forum so sorry if this question has been asked before. Does anyone know what muffler/exhaust tips not only improve performance but also give the VZ more of a grow? I want something which is louder but doesn't scream when you put your foot down. Cheers
  7. Seamust

    Vf stock SS muffler

    Hey just wondering if anyone has stock SS mufflers they would sell me ? ( Sunshine coast Qld area ) Thanks
  8. T

    Defected for no muffler

    As I was driving home, I got pulled over by an unmarked police officer, and he told me I didn’t have a muffler on my exhaust (I had no idea). I got a minor defect notice for having no rear resonator, and have 10 days to fix the thing before I get in trouble. My partner says I have a Catback...
  9. Ta Moo


    Hey guy, wanna know, if you guy know, will Flowmaster super 10 be loud in commodore vy s 2003 auto with stock exhaust. With or without cat.
  10. BenVzSv6

    Exauhst assistance & Opinions

    Alright I need some help, I've got a Holden Vz Sv6 2004 it's got a stock exauhst on it at the moment and I want a change. I'm about to get my P's just a under a month. Is it worth getting the full system done and worrying about the cops up my ass or just the muffler. I want all your opinions to...
  11. X

    Centre muffler delete on V6?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has done a center muffler delete on a v6 VE? I've seen a few youtube videos with it done on SS's and it seems to give a bit more burble and crackle. I've been told by one exhaust shop that removing the center muffler makes 0 difference to the sound...
  12. P

    SIDI 3.0 vs 3.6 exhaust difference

    Hired an SIDI SV6 when I was in Darwin a few weeks ago. I have a 3.0 SIDI and I noticed an immediate difference in exhaust sound. It wasn't massive but it had a much more raspier snarl which I really liked. Now, if I put on a set of ss quad tips, particularly the afm Y tips ones, will it...

    [LS1] VY SS small cam, extractor's, unlic in W.A. Will it pass inspection?

    I have a very standard looking VY SS ute. It has a mildly worked LS1 with extractors and a single 3" system and my muffler needs replacing. Going with a mild steel muffler as this is on a budget. I have read about cars needing a "cam permit". Is this for noise or emissions? Thankyou
  14. N

    [VIC] Wtb: Ve ss mufflers

    ITEM: VE SS QUAD TIPPED MUFFLERS LOCATION: VIC FRANKSTON CONDITION: Used PRICE: Neg DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I'll pick them up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH CONTACT DETAILS: - OTHER INFO: Have looked absolutely everywhere for a set of SS mufflers to replace my sv6 ones, if...
  15. T

    [QLD] Dual Tip Mufflers for VE

    ITEM: Dual Tip Mufflers for VE LOCATION: QLD Whitsundays CONDITION: Used PRICE: Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I can pick 'em up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Whatever is easy for you. CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Anyone replacing there factory SS/SSV exhaust? I...
  16. I

    VE Sv6 2012 Stock Exhaust System Upgrades! Help!

    Hi guys, wasnt too sure where else to post this!, but im currently running a stock sv6 VE 2012 model, And thinking of doing some small upgrades just for a more meaner of an exhaust noise, currently looking at these mufflers Exhaust VE SS SSV SV6 Calais Berl Diff Back Sedan | eBay Has...
  17. B

    Exhaust Question. Can't find an answer.

    Wondering if anyone can help answer my question as I've been unable to find the answer from searching other threads. I've got a vs ss it originally had a duel exhaust system but atm just has a single 2.5 inch redback system with straight pipe at the rear. My question is can I just get another...
  18. J

    [VIC] WTB :: Ve SS AFM mufflers

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Looking for VE SS AFM mufflers to fit 2011 VE SV6 LOCATION: Vic, Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup if possible PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash Thanks
  19. M

    Fit rear muffler to my vp s2 wagon

    Hi guys. I need to replace my rear muffler on my vp s2 wagon. Have picked up a second hand part from a wreck. Im not very mechanically minded but going to attempt it as it doesnt seem too difficult. The part has flange join. Is it a matter of unbolting and rebolting replacement part. Can...
  20. natesVZ

    Wanting more noise from V6 VZ AUTO. (05)

    sup. currently on red P. (VIC) wanting more noise out of my exhaust and all to give it a pleasing note. you guys get me... just wondering what systems you guys recommend and may have got experience with. :) Looking for food for thought. Links and stuff would go nicely with...
  21. Jet_Mr_Zed

    Vx Ecotec Exhaust

    Hi, i currently have a 100% standard exhaust system on my vx commoodore. The rear muffler next to the fuel tank needs to be replaced, making funny noises. One of the mods i originally wanted to do was to take the rear muffler out.. now thats is stuffed this is my excuse to remove it :P I was...
  22. adam sv6

    SV6 exhaust sound clips

    Hi, i am tossing up whether to buy red back mufflers or an xforce 2.25 cat back. thing is though i really want to have a listen to the red backs on the alloytec sv6 so if anyone has a sound clip or maybe a video and could help me out it would be gretly appreciated :) as a side note my car is...
  23. J

    [SA] VE SV6 twin exhaust tips and mufflers

    ITEM: VE SV6 twin chrome exhaust tips and mufflers. CONDITION: good condition, slight dent on both mufflers (symmetrical dents oddly), no leaks, same exhaust note from new. 1 year old. PRICE: 50$ all together for both. TRANSIT: Pick up only. Based in Bedford Park, Adelaide.
  24. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Varex/butterfly muffler to replace centre muffler?

    Hi guys, Love my exhaust system but lately I've been worried going out at night with a loud car because (a) Everything sounds louder at night, and (b) Can't tell what cars are police. I want to be able to quieten down my system so I don't worry about it, but still want all the loud and fun...
  25. C

    Straight Through Pipe Replacing Rear Muffler?

    I am looking to install a straight through pipe replacing the rear muffler of my car, i dont want to spend too much as im looking to buy a new car, but untill then i want a bit more sound, it costs me $100, what do you think it can do for me, whats the sound like, is there anything else i can do...
  26. C

    [QLD] Fs: Ve sv6 rear mufflers. Genuine pair

    ITEM: Pair of GENUINE Holden SV6 rear mufflers (SEDAN). LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used, in very good condition. No dents. Only fitted for 40,000kms. (Removed only due to upgrade, stored safely and collecting dust.) PRICE: Make an offer, nothing reasonable refused!! DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  27. W

    VX SS exhaust onto a VY V6?

    Hey, everyone. I've got a pretty straight-foward question regarding exhaust replacement. At the moment I've got a twin-pipe setup on my VY V6 that's just about had it, but I happen to have an exhaust pipe from a VX SS ute that was removed after only around 5,000km's, so I was wondering if...
  28. T

    [VIC] WTB VE SS Ute *stock* mufflers (only, not whole exhaust)

    WTB: VE SS/SSV Quad tip stock mufflers (AFM or non-AFM fine) DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Looking for quad tips on my Ute, need SS/SSV mufflers LOCATION: VIC - Bendigo are and.or Melb Inner/S E Suburbs CONDITION: Used is fine as long as in reasonable condition (no dents...
  29. JSTCOZ

    different muffler = different sound? (not exhaust)

    Hey all, Got a 2.5" catback system with center muffler and no resi. I like the sound but wouldn't mind it being louder as it is rather quiet, I want it to be head turning *insert joke about 'cops head turning'*. Like how you hear a loud lancer go by your house, is that possible for a VS V6...
  30. xtreme_sony

    [QLD] 2.5" Lukey Perfomance Muffler

    Hi everybody, i have a 2.5" Lukey Performance Muffler, it was fitted to my VP commodore for 4 months, i have receipt to confirm, It has offset inlet-outlet but straight through design inside. In perfect condition, gave a nice Lukey growl to the VP, only reason for removal was totally changed my...
  31. xtreme_sony

    Cutting Out Muffler On VP v6, Replacing With HOTDOG, Can you comment please

    Hi everyone, i have a vp v6 commodore, manual. it has wildcat extractors + 2.5" HF cat + 2.5" Cat back, the cat back has an offset muffler which is taking out a heap of the sound of my exhaust, so i have a hotdog that im going to put in place of the muffler, once i have done this i will see if...
  32. xtreme_sony

    Whether I Should Remove My Muffler, Please Comment

    Hi Guys and Girls, i have a VP Commodore, its got WILDCAT headers, 2.5"HF Cat, 2.5" Cat Back mandrel bent Exhaust with a LUKEY muffler, i wanna go abit louder and was wondering if i just cut out my muffler and weld a pipe into its place, What do u guys think, will it sound good, how loud will it...