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  1. S

    2008 SV6 - Bluetooth Music?

    Hey guys! New member here. So I picked up a 2008 SV6 today which I'm super happy with. One thing I was wondering though, I can pair my phone to the Vehicle BT but it doesn't seem to stream music through the car system, just connect my phone functions. Is this right? Phone function only via...
  2. I

    2012 VE SV6 Z Series

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd post incase anyone has any question! Im getting a new sound system done soon! @ Performance Car audio in bayswater, Melbourne! The set up will be as follows: Remove front middle dash Speaker (distorts like a crazy grandma) Front speakers - Alpine SPR 60C...
  3. dcBear

    Any DJ's out there?

    Earlier this year I fulfilled one of those things I have wanted to do for ages and that was start learning how to DJ. I did my research and for the money I wanted to invest the best option for me was a controller. So I bought a Native Instruments S4 and some studio monitors. I have been playing...
  4. J

    EONON head units?

    herd much about the Eonon head units? there cheap, but are they any good?
  5. tHe_sTiG

    Burning CDs for your factory Blaupunkt headunit

    Hi fellas, I thought to write this little thread since I haven't seen it lurking around in the forums. I've noticed that the Blaupunkt headunit in the VZ is very picky with CDs. It only seems to accept the genuine audio CDs. In most cases it will not play CDs that are burned in your...

    Any hardcore/metalcore music fans out there or guitarists?

    Just wondering : P I love my commdore and everything about cars but when I'm not doing anything with the cars, I play guitar :P I've been playing for about 6-7 years and currently in a Hardcore/screamo band, We've just got endorsed by redbull and have heaps of gigs and **** coming up in the...
  7. vn_v6

    [VIC] car audio amplifiers x5

    ITEMS: Alpine 2/1 channel amp, 300w voxstar 2/1 channel amp 200w sansui X balanced 4 channel bridgeable amp 500w sentrek bridgeable 4 channel with pre out 195w Alpine 4 channel bridgeable (branded as ford, says alpine on the inside) LOCATION: dandenong, VIC PRICE: poa CONDITION: all...
  8. old mate

    the music gear thread

    well seems as one member posted up an issue with his guitar amp, a fair bit of interest was sparked on this topic, so i thought it would be cool to start a thread on music gear and just anything to do with it. doesnt matter what you play, just get it out here. this thread can be used to show...