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my ride

  1. DR Stitch H.D

    My Old School ride

    How'd all, This is my old school ride, a 1966 HD Special, she run's a balanced 202 +20thou, match ported XU1 spec'ed 161 high comp head, 9.75/1 comp, VK efi cam, rebuilt & recurved VH electronic dizzy to match the cam, X2 headers with dual engine pipes into a free flow muffler with a 2 inch...
  2. ButtsVZ

    My Ride 06 VZ SVZ

    Model: VZ SVZ Year:2006 Trans: Auto Kms: 24,000 Coulour: Blue Rims: Stock (VY s2 calais) Exhaust: Single 2.5 inch Lukey (No resi) prefer louder! Audio: Stock (For now) Suspension: Lows front and Supers in Back (Not very Low at all really) Future Mods: -Tint -VZ SS Pedals -Footwell...
  3. Mase1990

    My storm

    Hey, i got this storm like 2 weeks ago. Its got 18" wheels. Other than that i think its stock. Will upload more pics when i find the camera. :P
  4. Mase1990

    My 03 Storm

    Hey this is my storm. Got it like 2 weeks ago. Its got about 88k kms on the clock. 18" Wheels. Other than that i think everything else is stock. Ill put my pics up when i find the camera haha :P
  5. xtreme_sony

    My VP Series 2, 3.8l Manual Sedan

    My Ride, Stereo: Alpine 9886i Head Unit (55wx4) Fusion 6.5" Splits - Front Fusion 6x9 - Rear Fusion 4 Channel Amp - Speakers Kenwood Mono Block Amp - Subs 2x12" Clarion Subs Exhaust: Wild Cat Extractors High Flow 2.5" Cat 2.5" Lukey Single Muffler Cat Back Chrome Tip - Bit Of...
  6. K

    VG Frond end re-inforcment bars ?

    Hi guys, first time here and was wondering if anyone knows about how late a model body kit you can put on a vg s ute? I seem to be under the impression you can go up a model or 2. Does it depend on the reinforcement bar that you use? Any info will be so greatfully appreciated. Thanks,