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  1. L

    VZ L98 manual thunder ute Numbers.

    Can someone please please please! Tell me how many of these were built. I’ve dug everywhere, looked in every hole and cannot seem to find a number. Cheers!!
  2. C

    Cams 6.0L VZ SS Ute

    Name: Cam Model: 2006 VZ SS Ute Colour: Impulse Blue Engine Type: L76 6.0L V8 Gearbox: 6Spd Manual Kilometers: 159,xxx (owned since 59,000) Stereo: Sony Double DIN DVD player. Wired in via an ebay sourced, patch harness so the factory steering wheel controls work. Mods/Wishlist List: Legend D...
  3. WazzaVN

    My VZ SS MY06

    Name:Wazza Age:26 Model:VZ SS Year:2006 Engine:6ltr L76 V8 Gearbox:Tremec T56 6 Speed Manual Engine Mods:None Power:260KW (350HP) at the engine. Exhaust:hurricane 4 into 1s, 200cell high flow cats and an oxforce 2.5 inch catback. Diff:3.9 with bw LSD centre Interior:Leather SS Brakes:Stock V8...
  4. jonwilliams76

    MY06 VZ Executive

    Hi everyone I just joined and thought I might try to post up my VZ. Currently this car is completely stock already have started to mod this car & I have had it less than a week. And looking forward to doing a few small Mods / Upgrades to this car to make it even more enjoyable...