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  1. C

    VE 2008 heat shield noise

    hi there was wondering if anyone could help me, i have a ve commodore sedan v6 and the heat shield vibrates under engine load and/or mild acceleration 60-70km zones. wondering how to adjust it or move it etc. thanks
  2. feanny

    My VE SV6 08 MY09 Atomic Green

    Thought i'd share my ride. 08 MY09 SV6 Man 41000klms Air hammer CAI GTS 20" rims Dual Twin diff back exhaust custom Black strip SSV Rear tail lights
  3. H

    Retuning a 60th Anniverary VE Omega (MY09.5) from 175kw to the original 195kw

    Ok. I heard that the MY09.5 had been detuned by Holden from 195kw to 175kw. Is this the case? Is it possible to have it tuned back up, how can I do this?? Cheers.