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  1. nakaz81

    4L60E auto issues

    hey i got a ls1 gen 3 5.7 litre with a auto,the auto is playing up. i have 1st and 2nd gear,reverse locks up as if its in a forward and reverse gear and park is the same.there is no 3rd and 4th gear. the oil is in the box is discusting as well.its the way i got the car yesterday. can any one...
  2. nakaz81

    my custom vk stroker ss

    tell me what you guys think of her,and maybe some tips and stuff
  3. nakaz81

    check out my custom vk ss

    check my album in my profile let me know what you think......
  4. nakaz81

    [308] pre efi 308 with efi heads problem.

    my 308 stroker has efi heads on it and the carbie manifold i got to suit leaks water out of the gaskets,in to the sump.ive now tryed 3 different gaskets and 2 different manifold all do the same thing. i have had the block decked and the same with the heads. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE :bang: