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new car

  1. J

    Advice on best car to purchase

    So I’ve just started a new job and I’m looking to buy my second car, I previously owned a VT executive series 2, in very interetsed in a manual SS either a VT, a VX or a VY, was interested to know what people would recommended considering the pros and cons such as power, handling, mechanical...
  2. D

    Need advice on new car

    I need advice on what car I should buy for $8000. There are three I have found. - Holden VE international 09, 80000kms, $8000 - Holden VE SV6 07, 115000kms,$7500 - Ford Falcon FG XR6 09, 140000kms, $7500 If anyone has any general advice on the positives or negatives on each car or how many kms...
  3. J

    buying VE sv6 commodore

    hello, I am looking at purchasing a commodore as an upgrade from my current car. Money is an issue however and I am only able to afford cars with high odometer readings. For $10-12k what sort of kms should I expect on the vehicle and would a car with 200,000+ kms be a serious issue...
  4. G

    New VX Berlina Gen 3

    Hey guys I just purchased a VX Berlina today with the 5.7. For some reason cars are the only thing I cant find gadgets and extras for on the internet very successfully. So far as I know it is just Factory Standard however one thing I'd like to do is purchase leather interior. Id like to know...
  5. W

    2010 ve SV6 ute Just not for me anymore :( New car ideas?

    Hi guys, I have been on the forum for a bit now and read through many threads and pages that have been very helpful to me and my car but what im getting to is im over my sv6 ve ute! I had great plans on spending way to much money on it just to make it sound better and go abit quicker but as...
  6. Mattde

    New Ride!

    Hey guys, So after ditching my VX i have finally upgraded to an '05 VZ! Already has: Growler CIA (K&N filter) SS Bodykit (so far as i can tell) Nolathane Strut Brace Some form of BSA 17"s but no idea what they are haha What you guys think? So since I am also new to completely...
  7. T

    My VY SS, I Finally Got One

    Hi all, Just bought a VY SS not too long ago, and having rather enjoyed browsing the other cars in this part of the forum I thought I'd put mine up too. I have owned a VY S in the same hot house green for the past 4 years, but it was always just a little disappointing to drive knowing that...

    Car Prices Expected? Also maybe wanna sell to me?

    Hey all, Got my car written off a few days ago (whole front right is screwed up and I'm lucky to be here), basically I need a new Commy. Had a Commodore VS Series II '97 and would rather not get another VS since I have owned one before, but if the deal is good enough i'll get one...
  9. J

    vy or vz which would u choose

    hi, i am looking at upgrading to a commadore just not sure which on to get, i was thinking between a vy or vz, could u please post why u would pick the car, and what u generally think off the car
  10. RichoKidd

    2000 VT Executive V6 Auto. What to do?

    Hey guys, I have just purchased myself a 2000 Model VT Executive. I'm just wondering what I should do to make this car look a million dollars for cheap?! Any advice would be appreciated? -RichoKidd