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  1. RB_KG_Caprice

    VS Caprice 5.0L - What should i look out for?

    Gday Everyone New to the site and to holden (dont hate me) My wife and I have just bought a VS Caprice with a 5.0L It was a family owned vehicle since pretty much new (1st owner was SA Government 96-99) It has 300ish kms, all the mod cons and is in fantastic condition. I just wanted to...
  2. S

    Newby - VX unknown coolant leak

    The other day as i was driving, the temp gauge suddenly shot right up to hot, i immediately pulled over to find about 3L of coolant covering nearly everything on the left of the block. Im yet to find the cause of this leak and am unsure as to what it could be. Things I've ruled out are...
  3. D

    V6 VS/Lexcen. Complete stock. Frugal mod advice/where to go please?

    Hey guys, I've just turned 18 and study Mechanical Engineering at Curtin here in Perth. I've got a V6 VS/Lexcen Csi. (See profile for pic) It's completly stock. It's heading towards doing 140k kms and is in excellent condition mechnically (minus break pads need replacing soon and some bushes...