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no start

  1. Z

    Changed ECM, BCM and pim but no start

    Hey guy, so I have a vz sv6 that had a no crank issue and only working once we jumped the starter relay that we later found out it was a bad BCM. I found out that we could replace ECM BCM and pim with a matching key and it should all be plug and play. At the moment it is just cranking but...
  2. Chrisrox

    Vz no start

    Ok so bought a vz that didnt start (cheap obvoiusly). So i turn the key reds come up turn to start and nothing happens. basically after alot of trial and error i have found that removing starter relay and shorting starter motor with key in start it fires up and runs so im assuming it is an...
  3. D

    VY just won't start

    Have 04 VY Commodore Ute S that will kick, has spark, new battery, coils and cables all good, just won't start.......problem began while on highway, engine died and dials went back to zero, was running a little hot, need help, at its end
  4. C

    Cold NO START

    Hi all just wondering if someone can help me with an issue thats starting to drive me crazy... 2004 vy berlina ls1. Have a cold start issue which results in cranking.... But no start... Ive found if i leave the key on let it sit for 5 mins or so the car will start.. Now ive read the forums...
  5. moocow

    Manual conversion no injector pulse

    Hey guys, I've just done a manual conversion on my v6 vs. I bought a parts ute without a key so I'm unable to use it's bcm (not that I'd want to anyway). I'm using the manual ecu and loom from the ute. Everything is connected and ready to go but I now have no injector pulse. There is spark...
  6. M

    vz engine swap (no start) help please

    i have swapped my 2005 vz 3.6l from a sedan into a 2004 vz wagon (same engine) , after installing the engine it doesn't crank by turning the key but it will crank by bridging the starter relay but wont fire , i have found it is getting fuel but no spark, also the head unit has code 1 come up on...
  7. B

    dead vx

    hi guys, havin a little trouble with the ss..at first it was idling rough and stalling and took a good 7 seconds of cranking to fire, changed coolant temp sensor, IAC valve, fuel pump and filter, crank sensor. now iv noticed the scanner cannot connect with the engine or trans, but it can with...
  8. H

    1998 Holden Commodore VT series 1 3.8L v6 No Spark Cranks But will not start

    I was driving around town and the car started to stumble and stall then it finally stalled one last time and hasn't started since, I tried to retrieve the fault codes by earthing pins 5 & 6 but the engine light just stays solid, I have also connected a usb data cable to my laptop and run efi...