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  1. MiKExAUS

    Suspected flex-plate noise LS1

    Hi Guys, Long time no post.. Wondering if the LS1 A4 experts would care to give me their opinion. Got a rattle heard best from underneath the car near the trans bellhousing as seen in video. Here's the link: Can anyone confirm my suspicions? I always thought I had a bit of lifter tick that...
  2. R

    Rattle/Ticking from engine passenger bank | 2010 VE Commodore LF1

    Hi all, I acquired a 2010 VE Commodore International. There is a rattle sound coming from the passenger side engine bank. It is noticeable only at low revs. When the engine idles at +-1100rpm, there is no rattle. When it drops to +-550rpm it starts to rattle. The engine has 150kms on it. It...
  3. R

    Creaky Steering in hot weather.

    Hey guys, My VU ute is making an awful creak when turning at low speed (car park, round a bout etc) but it only seems to do it in the hot weather like this heat wave and only after the car has been driven for about 30 minutes... The power steering fluid is full, not leaking etc Can't see any...
  4. S

    Motor problems

    Hey guys, I'm new here and just have a few questions. So I've had my sv6 for 3 years purchased from holden. Since it was 2ndhand dealership they only warrant for 3 months. Within that 3 months my timing chains went, so lucky i was covered. Had the car serviced regularly up until about 3...
  5. VFSSBlackLS3

    VF LS3 tick under car

    Hi I realise that people have probably brought up issues like this in the past but now that the vehicles have been out for a couple of years I thought it might be better if I just made a new post... Basically when I get underneath my car I can hear a tick sound that sounds very similar to an...
  6. StatoSteve

    VU Ute A/C Noise

    Hello Everyone, I have a noise coming from the air conditioning compressor like a bad bearing noise. Noise is only there when A/C is on. Anyone familiar with this noise ??? Could it be clutch issue ? Could it be a coil issue ? Looks like i have a leak around one of the pipes so probably...
  7. G

    VY Berlina sedan constant clunk/knock whenever I steering right (but not left)

    Hey guys. New to this. But my 2004 VY Berlina sedan makes a constant clunking/knocking noise whenever I’m steering right. It doesn’t happen when I turn left or if I’m going straight. The faster I accelerate while turning right the faster the noise. I suspect a strut issue but was wondering what...
  8. J

    Front end clunking noises.

    So it started around 2-3 months ago when I had come back from work and started driving my car out of the car park. Upon going over a speed bump in the carpark I could hear this clunking noise emitting from the front left wheel arch. For the entirety of the drive home, any mediocre bump would...
  9. hobbsy4

    Start up noise LS1

    Hi all My VZ Calais is going strong with 280k on the clock, driving around 500 highway kilometres a week. In the past few months, when the engine is cold (weather isn't cold up in Central Queensland) and parked on the flat, there is a noise for the first few seconds on start up. The noise...
  10. ReaperTBS

    VE Calais V - Custom Exhaust Setup

    Hi! Anybody got any ideas on what kind of exhaust setup I should go with for the Calais? I love the sound it makes already, but i'd really just like a bit more volume, the thing's almost too quiet as it stands :P All stock currently, not even entirely sure of the engine model, but it's the...
  11. P

    Tips on exhaust vf ssv ute

    Hi all I got a vf ute ssv man and i want to put an exhaust on it but no sure what type...main thing im looking for is to get some sound without disrupting the air compressing. I was thinking leaving it from the cat where it has the big muffler and the hotdogs and just changing it from the 2...
  12. N

    Rear clunking sound when hitting bumps!

    A new day, a new problem in my commie. I have bought and fixed everything that's related to the undercarriage of the car, and that includes control arms, most of the bushings, engine & tranny & diff & suspension mounts, etc... Now, I hear a squeaking coming from the rear left side when driving...
  13. B

    Noise while coasting

    Hi. I bought a VF series 2 SV6 last year and noticed just before its first service a whirring/clicking noise like putting a pen in a fan. The holden dealership said it was "characteristic of the car". I'm not sure if the noise is getting worse, or I'm getting more annoyed by it. I've never...
  14. A

    '07 Calais Front Wheel Noise

    Hi everyone, A couple of days ago I bought my first Commodore, a 2007 Calais 3.6 with 116,000 on the clock and I'm pretty stoked with it! Drives beautifully and is such a smooth and powerful beast compared to the '03 Astra 1.8 it replaced. But I've noticed with the Calais a strange noise...
  15. O

    deceleration clatter

    On a trip from Qld to NSW, I started to notice a fairly loud clatter in my VE SS (170k km) when decelerating by manually down-shifting the auto. The noise seems to be coming from the front of the car (?) but the tempo seems to better match the car speed rather than the engine speed. Don't seem...
  16. M

    Does anyone recognise this hissing or air sound?

    Had this for a while now, sound like an air leak coming from somewhere. Have done a quick check on all the hoses and everything and can't come up with anything, its an obvious air leak coming from somewhere, car is a VT v6ecotec There are no symptoms associated with this other than the noise...
  17. F

    2011 VE Thunder Ute - Check engine light and other worries.

    I have a 2011 SV6 VE thunder Ute, 68,000kms, Auto and stock. About 6 months ago I started hearing a hissing type noise after backing off the throttle around 4000 or higher RPM. I checked the oil and found my dipstick was dry. After taking it straight to holden for a service and check, I was...
  18. V

    Startup Noise Problem with Holden VT Commodore V6 - 1999

    So I went to the mechanics and they said it was a water pump. 300$ later, the noise is still there. Please help The noise goes away as soon as the temp guage starts to raise. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLIo2TWjPHE <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  19. G

    Ticking Noise VZ Alloytech 2006 Berlina

    Hey Guys I just recently bought a VZ Berlina 2006 and the service history was great but become abit wonky after 100,000 was bought from a dealer and he said he was not sure however he confirmed last service was done at 137,000 Car is currently is 140,500 and i have noticed a ticking noise...
  20. danbran

    VS ecotec noise

    this has been around for a while havnt really looked into it, sounds like a clatter and turns into a tap at higher revs around 3k, i know its not lifters because i replaced them because of a few faulty ones. Sounds like it is coming from the front of the engine, could it be a chain clutter? or...
  21. G

    VT Executive 3.8L with squeaky noise. [VIDEO]

    https://youtu.be/dcXB1zJYUmc Hi guys. I get a lot of information from this site so a big thank you to all the contributors! My problem as can be seen in the video is my 1997 VT Commodore Exec 3.8l Auto running on gas and petrol making a squeal or squeak noise when accelerating. As soon...
  22. C

    vz scraping noise

    Hey guys the car is an 04 vz 175kw The car seems to be making a scraping noise (not crunching grinding slapping) Im not by my car atm but the best way to describe it would be the metalic scraping noise a pod filter makes The car doesnt do it at idle only when accelerating around 1700+...
  23. J

    Wl statesman clunk in rear

    Hi guys, recently in my 04 statesman I've been hearing a loud clunk from the rear left when I'm turning right. I don't hear the noise when driving normally, over bumps etc. Please help with any ideas
  24. M

    Whistling noise when driving, and Climate control (issue?) in VZ Calais

    Hey Guys, this is my first post to not only this forum, but first post ever, so I'm probably completely in the wrong spot or something aha So i bought this 04 Calais as a first car a while ago, and ever since having it, it has this whistling noise when you travel at speeds (anything above...
  25. gcchris

    SV6 trouble after new spark plugs.

    Hi All, Firstly, happy Bathurst. Now with that said, I'm a 2nd time newbie; I got allot of help here 8 years ago with an old VS I was having issues with so I decided to crawl back now I'm having issues with a VE. I picked up an SV6 VE manual ute 3.6 high output, supposedly for a short term...
  26. S

    suction noise

    Hey every one i've got a 2001 vu ute and its been making a sucking noise for a while now when slowly accelerating but when full acceleration it will go away and its just started in my girlfriend's vt ive checked the air boxes for cracks and seal leaks but there are none were else could it be...
  27. J

    Bad vibration VS UTE

    Hi guys! Driving the vs ute today and occasionally when driving it gets a shocking vibration through the whole car. The best way i can describe it is it sounds exactly like you have driven over the bumpy road markings on the edge of a highway! Only happens occasionally for 2-3 seconds at speeds...
  28. D

    vu ss ute transmission problem help!!

    Well basically my Ute has started to make a pretty noisy whine sounds like from the diff or gearbox, it doesnt seem to make the noise while the clutch is in. Just wondering if anyone would have any ideas into whether it's a diff problem or gearbox problem???
  29. Ricky_

    VX Power steering rattle/clutter

    Installed a new rack because old rack was leaking and 1 month later steering is making a weird rattling noise. Only happens when stationary or reversing also happens when the engine is cold or hot ,all fluids are fine and no leaks.Suspension bushings all good Steering is little bit stiff...
  30. L

    Maloo 6 Speed Manual Ticking Sound

    Hi, Hoping someone can shed some light on the issue I have, I've got a VZ Maloo R8 ute with the 6L and 6 Speed Manual. When in third gear at low revs there is a ticking sound coming from the gearbox area. (Sounds like running your fingers across corrigated iron to make that...
  31. L

    VZ 6 Speed Manual (Ticking Sound)

    Hi, Hoping someone can shed some light on the issue I have, I've got a VZ Maloo R8 ute with the 6L and 6 Speed Manual. When in third gear at low revs there is a ticking sound coming from the gearbox area. (Sounds like running your fingers across corrigated iron to make that...
  32. Leevers

    Vz v8 exhaust noise??!!

    Hey guys, I have a VZ SS Thunder and have recently had a full exhaust system installed and have a really weird noise coming from the cat converter area. I have NO idea what the noise is, but i've had the mechanic that installed it tell me it is normal, but I don't believe it. It is not an...
  33. Q

    V8 , VS Caprice Engine Clang

    I have just had a "recon" engine put in my Vs. Went and picked it up , made it about 30km before i could hear and awful "clang" sound coming from the engine. I stopped and got out was running smooth so i hit the throttle and at about 2500rpm there it was. Its real loud and sounds bad but only at...
  34. TheDmac

    Weird 'whistle' type sound when the car is cold

    I have a 1999 VT Acclaim Series II. Recently the car has been making weird 'whistle' sounds when I first start it in the mornings. It seems to only happen when the car is cold. I recorded the sound this morning whilst I was cleaning frost off the windows. VT by dfapskpro on SoundCloud - Hear...
  35. R

    knocking noise and tingy noise

    Hello everyone i have a loud knocking noise that happens when i put my car into gear and when i speed up as soon as i take my foot of and it changes gear it knocks loudly and if i keep it in second gear when i put my foot down suddenly it does it and if i take my foot of suddenly it does it. i...
  36. A

    Grinding sound rear left

    Hi Guys, im new here and also to Holdens, I used to be a Toyota driver. I have a question, i had all my rotors machined and 120k service by a holden dealer, now i have this grinding sound from rear left wheel, noticeable when going slow and driving past parked cars or a wall. Took it back and...
  37. K

    VS Lukey exhaust SQUEALS when under torque with full car.

    So, i baught a new Lukey cat back with rear muffler delete. I Put it on and then realized the shop forgot to send me a clamp, put it together anyway and sounds terriffic, no leaks even without the clamp. I can drive any way i want and it will be fine, but as soon as i have a full car and i...
  38. J

    Vx transmission

    Hey guys ! my 2002 VX Sedan Manual has recentley been making some noises from my gear box, they were nasty and my speedo was all over the place. I was driving to the mechanics earlier and the noise stopped completely and my speedo has completely stopped working, any suggestions to what it is!?
  39. H

    gearbox problems

    hi guys i drive a vz maloo manual if it helps but should apply to most cars in general. im a sparky so im not the most mechanically minded guy but can still fix a few things here and there. anyway after doing a bit of a skid the other day i managed to do a cv joint in the rear, which ive...
  40. Z

    VE Commodore whinning at 50kmh

    Hi all, Can't begin to tell you how much I love this site. Most times you have answered all my questions before i've ever needed to post but i can't find a thread that matches the problem I have this time. I'll add as much detail as I can. I have a 2008 Holden Commodore Ve Sportswagon that...