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  1. Gaz82h

    HELP,Noisey tick and a rattle at revs

    Hey guys so few months back i done a camtech cam ls7 lifters pushrods and pac vaslve springs i done new timong chain chain only and also has heada serviced in the last few weeks i noticed engine made a rattle wen starting to rev kinda sounded like engine detonation its not matching the engine...
  2. J

    VE SV6 Wagon series 2

    Just bought a series 2 VE SV6 2012 Wagon from a dealer and I just have a couple of concerns, they provided a RWC but I'm not sure what the following may be: -When doing a U-turn I get a creeky sound so I think there may be an oil leak in the steering rack? -When the car starts up there's a noise...
  3. D

    [General] How to replace Trailer Bearings

    A few mates and I made this in-depth video on how to diagnose and replace trailer bearings. We will be making more videos in the future so please leave a comment suggesting what you want us to do.
  4. L

    Annoying idling noise... NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! It is driving my head in!

    Hi, I put up a YouTube video to show what the problem is below. Please check it out and let me know. I have got a 13yo V6 VX Commodore with 103000kms. Recently a strange and annoying noise started from the front of the engine while it is idling. I am extremely sensitive to abnormal...
  5. B

    Clangy noise from motor V6. With audio file attached

    Greetings, I have a 95 model VR Commodore V6 and recently the motor has started getting very noisey. There is a clangy, clapp or it sounds like the lifters are shot and making the rockers rattle terribly but it sounds more than that like the balance shaft bearings are shot making it make a loud...
  6. D

    vp 5l oil pressure issue?

    hey all ive just put together a new motor for my vp the whole short motor is brand new from holdent spares ive put a stage three crow cam and lifters pushrods and complet heads off original motor (wich was built about 6 months before i bought the car and the bottom end fell to bit after about...