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  1. B

    VE Rhino roof racks noisy

    Hi, I've got a 2009 Omega. I went and bought and got installed some new Rhino roof racks. These are the moulded Aero 'Sportz' ones here Rhino Rack - Rhino Sportz Removable Pad Mount Roof Rack System - RSP I've discovered that as soon as you get above 70km, there is very noticeable wind...
  2. M

    Noisy LPG tank ve commodore

    hi all i am just seeking some advice from some of you's that own a dual fuel ve commodore my issue is when im turning / round abouts etc there is a noise coming from the rear of the car like some thing rolling around just wondering if any one else has heard of or experienced it for them...
  3. btjon1

    Vs Wagon Noisy Roof Help?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone can help me. Ive not long ago bought a vs wagon, but it has a rattling roof. When the car is on, the roof tends to vibrate, however as soon as you push on it just behind the drivers seat it stops, it also vibrates it when you drive on a rough bit of road...