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  1. Dutchman420NZ

    VL RB K frame into VP??

    Hi all, im a Holden noob I want to go all out and RB my 1992 3.8 V6 Vp ute. Does anyone know if the VL RB K frame will bolt strait into my VP? I want to use an old VL as a donor car and pick parts/wiring off that, what other factors do i need to consider when attempting this engine swap? Cheers
  2. H

    Replacing battery without alarm going off

    Hi, had a quick look but couldn't find an answer to this. Let the battery in my VY Executive run flat recently. As soon as I connected the jumper cables to get it going, the alarm went off. I've now removed the battery and charged it, but when reinstalling it, am I going to set the alarm off...