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not starting

  1. L

    Vz wont start

    Hey guys just wondering if someone can help? I have a 04 vz commodore, last week it wouldnt start wouldnt even try turn over bit of help from youtube and i got it going, yesterday its done the same thing but my youtube trick didnt help, it wont even try turn just has dash lights come up tells...
  2. B

    VT SS blowing main fuse (SOLVED)

    Hi i bought a vt ss a few days ago and everything was fine untill yesterday i went to start the car and and all power went out, checked fuses and the main fuse (60amp) has blown, replaced with another and tried again, blew once more. Not sure whats cauing this to happen but cant drive the car...
  3. N

    VZ Calais: Not starting; fuel gauge error

    Hey all, I jumped in the VZ Calais today only for it to not start; it's not even cranking at all. With this, there's a fuel gauge error and there's also very low fuel - but the tank is full. Also, from time to time when it was running, there would be some instances of it not starting on the...
  4. B


    Hi guys I currently own a 2008 SV6 VE commodore (automatic) and last night, after turning the car off at the shops, coming back out two minutes later and trying to turn it back on, it wouldn't start or even turn over. Battery is fine as we tried it in a seperate car and it works in that one -...
  5. N

    2012 VE Commodore Wagon SII not cranking over

    My 2012 Series 2 VE Sportswagon won't start. It makes a constant clicking sound which I presume is the starter motor. I bought the car second hand with 80,000km about a year ago. It has been serviced regularly, it's now got 138,000km's on the odo. The weird thing about this is, I serviced the...
  6. T

    vy ss will start, rev high than cut straight out.. help please

    so the other day driving home in my vy ss manual a ignition lead decided to pop off on its own and started running real rough, i pulled over and upon inspection the lead was corroded so i tried clipping it back on and continued on my way home okay on 7 cylinders, got home pulled all the leads...
  7. S

    vr not starting after sitting

    my vr has sat for 2 years without being started. i tried starting it after charging up the battery and it was turning over but not firing and then i tried putting more fuel in it with the same result. any ideas?
  8. T

    Acclaim S2 not starting - immobiliser issue?

    Hi, first off: I am a backpacker, bought this car used and am also quite new to cars in general so please bare with me. I got a new car battery four weeks ago. About a week ago during my roadtrip up the east coast I helped two guys jump start their car. After that I drove another 3h tl Sydney...
  9. P

    Wh stato wont start when it starts displays abs off an check engine

    Hey just got a l67 wh statesman. Misses was at the shops tried to start the car sounded like it was struggling then it finally started an check engine an trac off came up stayed on the hole drive. Got home she turned it off i started it again an they didnt light up again. Second time its done...
  10. V

    Engine not starting,cutting out while started and spluttering while driving!!

    Me again :( Believe me..I'm as annoyed about writing these help me threads as you are reading them! Piece of **** car!! Ok! So other day while driving I randomly turned car off but left in gear while going 70 for about 3 seconds.. and when turned key back to on position and went to go again...
  11. L

    wh statesman not starting

    iv talked to a few auto electrician about my car its a 3.8L v6 ecotec they said it might be my selector not responding ( as in he thinks its reading in drive but really its in park) i turn the key everything lights up on the dash but doesn't make the car fire or even tick battery and starter...
  12. P

    VZ Calais 05 wont start :(

    Hey man need some help with this , dont know much about cars but few days ago my Calais just would'nt start or anything , no power was going through the car , lights werent working , central locking wasn't working not even the boot switch would work , my key buttons were working but all you...
  13. D

    Experiencing Check Powertrain warning and other problems ( ECU or EARTHS)

    For a while now i have been having problems that seem to be related to the ECU on my VZ Executive. At first every now and then the Check Powertrain warning would come on when starting the car, then every now and then it will take 2-5 turns of the key to star the engine, then sometimes i will...
  14. Lockie_3_89_VN_Calais

    1989 VN Series 1 Calais Not Starting, But Cranks Over...

    Hey there guys, My first official post on JustCommodores here and I'm deeply sorry if I'm repeating a post, got no where else to turn for advice... Now I've purchased a VN Calais from a mate which wasn't starting and it was on an Electronic LPG System, not Mechanical... Lovates was the brand...
  15. BigBoss

    Should I be concerned?

    Hey Lads, Today when I jumped in my 08 Omega I went to start it, the starter motor engaged but the engine did not fire. So I gave it another shot and still it would not fire, the starter motor whined for three or so seconds but nothing after that. So I started checking things, the fuel pump...
  16. D

    vp calais not starting every thng flashing

    hi guys i am in need a of serious help i have a VP V6 Calais iv changed the stereo in and it works fine. I noticed the cigarette lighter and high beam had no fuse in it so iv put fuses in them, and when i have ignition on acc the fuel .temp and SPD light flash but the head lights come on that's...
  17. W

    WH statesman v6 issues

    I have a WH v6 which won't start, when I try to start it it cranks for a bit fires then stalls, like it has a dodgy fuel pump, but that's fine, the doors won't lock or unlock with the remote, so I'm guessing it may have something to do with the immobilizer, when you leave the ignition in the on...
  18. L

    VR may have died - any idea what it could be?

    Ok, I was driving along and I kinda heard/felt a 'thump' and then it literally rolled to a stop - hasn't fired since. It turns over ok, no nasty noises, just won't start. A bit of history: this is an 'old' VR - the clock stopped at about 285ks about 4 years ago... i did a computer fault...
  19. V

    Motor Swap VT LS1, Need help

    hey there i have recently swapped over my ls1 as it developed a knock, and now it wont start, not even try kicking over =*[ i labelled everything, undid electrical connectors, pulled out the trans with the motor. *note, the 2 plugs going into the trans gear selector were put in...
  20. N

    vl gas diffucultly starting.

    just bought a vl, dual fuel. previous owner says it doesn't start on petrol. yet i can't start it in lpg. there is an on/off switch next to it, not sure if its to the fuel though. anyone know why? cheers.
  21. J

    5.0 vt commodore wont start

    I went to start my 5lt vt commodore today and when I turned the key it just made a clicking noise and the motor wouldnt make any noises at all. All the interior/exterior lights, CD player etc were working and the battery is fantastic, all the fuses are fine, I roll started it (its manual) and...
  22. G

    christmas dramas - Any ideas how I can disable the immobiliser?

    I have a holden commodore vn wagon I think it's 1990 model, had an immobiliser fitted about 6 years ago. Just stopped working yesterday, so I cant start the car. Battery seems fine, headlights and interior light work fine. Dash lights don't come on when I turn the key. :hmmm: Under the steering...
  23. S

    2002 vx commodore wont start plz help

    we have been having problems with our ignition for a while now...when u turn the key it would start but then go off instantly after a while we realised that if we lock the car and then unlock it would start but today we turned the key and something went click and now the car wont start and it is...
  24. Jodamis

    VS Clubsport not starting

    Hi. I have a VS Clubby and it wont start. Its had the starter replaced and nothing!! Its an auto. The instrument lights come on but nothing happens when I turn the ignition (not even a click). Can anyone help??
  25. Y

    VS ECO tec Fires up runs then dies

    Hi Guys, I am stummped here .... Driving home other day & vs eco tec died !! started again but only for 7 seconds..Today I have checked fuel pump,filter & spark all that works fine!! ... AFter I done those checks It started and ran for 2 mins(idle) then died..I then started it...