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not working

  1. MHK-4

    VE Commodore - Smoke from HVAC unit, not working thereafter

    Hi all, I'm having issues with my radio/head unit in my 2007 VE Calais V. I recently purchased an aftermarket fascia kit (Aerpro FP9450) and installed it in my car. Once installation was completed and in the car for a couple of days, out of nowhere, a puff off smelly smoke came out of the...
  2. BerlinaSeriesI

    Vs S2 Ute Central Locking Malfunction

    Hi guys, I'm changing my head unit in my ute, the central locking worked before I started, went to go get something to drink and thought I might lock it. It wouldn't lock or unlock I cut out this wire that was attached to the constant feed but I'm unsure where exactly it came from, also the...
  3. Stef-vy

    Headlight not working but the globes good?

    Hey guys, I have a vx 2001 and it has Monaro headlights and tailights, no issues with the back but front headlight on the left side has completely killed both of the normal driving lights in only the left side, but it still works on high beam? I'm confused and worried it's a bad wiring...
  4. A

    Holden VZ SV6 windscreen wipers not turning off

    Hi guys, I have had this unusual issue occur with me 3 times within a 3 year time period of owning my SV6 so far. For no apparent reason, when driving in rainy conditions, it seems as though I can't turn off my wipers when it stops raining, the only way I have managed to stop them is pull...
  5. K

    Help! Opinions please

    I have a 2007 Holden VE commodore, I have no heater or dimisters & the airconditioning is only blowing on the feet. My radio works fine however my AUX sometimes plays up and only works from the left speaker or gives the sound like the cord isn't plugged in properly.. With a little thump on the...
  6. D

    VS Esteem S2 tail brake lights not working

    Alright, as the title says, my brake lights aren't turning on when I brake. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the switch because the light above my boot turns on when I brake but the tail lights do not. The bulbs are fine as they turn on when I turn my headlights on. This is the diagram for...
  7. L

    VE SS LCD Dash display (above stereo) not working

    Hey all, Sorry in advance I haven't been on here in years and I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place or if it has been answered previously. I've owned my 2006 VE SS for a little over 2 years and intermittently (maybe once every 3 months) the LCD display above the head unit...
  8. T

    VEII Omega LPG fuel indicator malfunctioning

    Hi all, I recently bought a second hand (ex police) 2012 VEII Omega 3.0L LPG with about 60,000k's on the clock. About 2 weeks later the fuel indicator read empty and it came up with the very low fuel warning. Thinking there might be a leak I put a couple of litres in to see if things changed and...
  9. C

    Solved front air vent not coming on on hot days

    :yahoo::yahoo: THANKS TO AN OLD THREAD BY AZZA84. The problem is solved!! On my SS 2012 on a hot day the front air vents wouldnt come on. Didn't matter what I pressed! The solution is to reset the air conditioner as AZZA84 posted: hold down the demist button for 10 seconds. You have the...
  10. V

    Power Steering Need Help Please!

    Hello guy's me again :/ sorry to annoy you.. the other night when i pulled back in my driveway i noticed my steering is tough as all ####... at idle it is hard as rock but when revved a tiny bit it get's a little better (manageable) and when going a few KM/H it's ok still not the same :( it is...
  11. V

    Air con has mind of it's own :O

    hello guys :) i recently purchased my vs manual ute 1997 and i love it.. however one of the many problems it has is the aircon turning on when the car feels like it lol.. sometimes I'm lucky and it turns on straight away but sometimes it turns on 5-10 mins down the road :( and then when it is on...
  12. Fayvitt

    Engine fans not working.

    Howdy all. My VX Calais v6 supercharged has engine fan probs. I've noticed neither fan works, even when the AC is turned on. I went to Repco, bought replacement relays, and the low speed fan turned on....permanently. After a bit of research, headed to the Holden dealer, got the original...
  13. K

    VY Calais LCD Issues

    Hi I have a VY Calais Series 2 V6 and the middle LCD on the dash cluster is not displaying, It lights up and all but is just completely blank. Do you have any ideas on what the issue could be or how to fix it?
  14. D

    Thermo Fans Not Working Vp calais

    Alright so, my fan wont come on causing my car to get hot, i have hardwired it to a battery to see if it was the fan itself, the fan works. i replaces the sensor underneath the alternator, still no fan kicking in, i have checked all fuses, (switching the horn with the fan) and still not working...
  15. Johnsy

    VE Air Con stopped working ???

    Hey Guys and Gals... My a/c has stopped working in my R8. The buttons all work fine fan blows at different speeds in both zones as if working when changing temps. Just no cold air is coming out only "warm" fan air. This happened once before about 2 years ago but Holden couldn't find a problem...
  16. M

    No alram after changing bcm

    I have recently upgraded my bcm from a 315 low bcm to a 212 Mid bcm and have relinked them with my tech 2 since then no matter what i do the alram will not trigger or go off.. it used to go off with my orginal bcm but not with this one.. it does seem to make some sort of nosie alram nosie...
  17. trav27

    Vt Thermo fans not working after changing the radiator.

    Hey guys, I got my radiator replaced recently from my local mechanic, i havn't driven the car since then due to my rego expiring. I started her up today and let it idle for 15-20 mins or so and i noticed the fans didn't come on at all. Ive checked the connectors at the top just in case they...
  18. W

    VX headlight issue

    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum and have trawled through the past threads to find a solution to my problem but with no luck. just got the car (vx series 2 executive) back from the panel workshop (front bumper and rear quarter repaired) to find that my headlights dont turn on...
  19. C

    VE Omega - Front Aux not working

    Hello all, Wondering if its possible to replace the actual front aux input. I have tried many different cords and ipods and none have solved the problem. Which is that it hardly works, have to move the cord around until it works which will only last a few seconds then will fade away and be...
  20. nalchlan

    thermo fan working..but not working!

    hey guys my thermo fan will not turn on automatically. i have tested both the low and high relays they both show resistance when switched. ive also bridged the the terminals on the fuse/relay board and had the fan running on high and low. the only other thing i did was earth out the heat...
  21. K

    Problem with my vr high beams

    i have a 95 vr berlina series II, the head lights work fine on low beams but when i flick it on to high beams one of them shuts completely off, iv checks the fuses and the globes and cant find anything wrong. can anyone help?
  22. Zarconia

    Headlights Not Working

    Gday fellas i have a 94 VR exec and am having problems with my headlights. Now they turn on but not all the way, like they go into park but do not fully turn on. High beam works fine. I was on my way to work a few weeks ago while it was raining and noticed my wiper blades were going spastic, had...
  23. M

    VR Indicators not working

    I just bought a VR Series 2, and the indicators have just stopped working, Ive checked the fuses and made sure all relays etc are good, and they are, any one got any ideas as to what has happened? Hazard lights dont work either. Any help would be reat, thanks