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  1. S

    Supercharged 6 in vu ute

    Hi there, I'm 16 and got my L's on my birthday 2 months ago, in saying that i needed a ride, i bought a golden/hyper metallic yellow. V6 3.8 ecotec VU ute 2002 model (MANUAL) for $5.200... my parents have a wh caprice with the 3.8 super 6 in it and they are looking to sell it soon, i was...
  2. J

    Best Mechanic shop to get VZ timing chain replaced

    hey guys, title says it all! unfortunately my 2004 VZ will need this costly repair done. I've done a little research and cant seem to find a mechanics website that specializes in replacing timing chains that aren't based in VIC or the Gold Coast. can anyone point me in the right directions?
  3. Tiffani

    eSafety Check (Pink Slip) Re: Park Brake Position

    Hi all, 1999 VS Ute Auto (Gearshift on Steering wheel) I had a pink slip check done today and was failed due to "Park Brake Doesn't Hold Position". For as long as I have owned the vehicle, the park brake has always dropped back to original position, it has never remained upright once pulled...
  4. L

    Help With my V6 VX!

    Hey guys, first official post on this site. Anyway, my car has been missing and at this point, I took it to a mechanic as I'm not very experienced. Afterwards, the coil packs, trigger module, spark plugs, spark leads and fuel filter have all been replaced. It runs good most of the time, but...
  5. [Linkin Park]

    [NSW] 1994 EG4 Honda Civic Hatchback EFI

    SOLD. Please Delete SOLD Im not sure exactly what to but it has been sold please delete. sorry if im doing this wrong.

    Want to make a vk Brock replica

    I have a vk commodore in nsw and want to make it a Peter Brock replica (group a) with the full 05 and marlboro decals. How much would it cost and is it sold in the Sydney region. Also what would the legality/copyright on that and how would I get permission to use the material. Thanks