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number plates

  1. C

    Name my ute!

    Help me name my ute! I'm getting custom plates for my ute and I'm pretty stumped on what to get on the number plates,, Help me to come up with some ideas to put on the number plates for my ute please! A few tips to help: • my nickname is 'chubbs'. • the colour of my ute is 'crunch green'...
  2. V

    What colour number plate for a silver vt commodore???

    Hey guys, I was thinking of changing my plates but didn't really know what colour would look best. I saw a silver vt with white plates and Blake writing but didn't really like it but I don't think that black ones will match???
  3. K

    [VIC] Personalized plates "MR 6.0L" Negotiable

    [/B]ITEM: Personalized Number plates MR 6.0L LOCATION: Melbourne VIC CONDITION: Current plates are used, but as all plates they can be replaced, your paying for the unique design. Plates are sitting in my room at the moment, not on car. REASON: Was given plates from my parents, so one...
  4. TrEnNaVY

    [VIC] Number Plates For Sale

    up for sale are 2 sets of Victorian Personalised Plates BRK-JNR - Brock Junior :thumbsup: HSV-SK8 - HSV Skate :driving: prices have not been decided as off yet, but feel free to make an offer and i will get back to you asap. if u require any more info just yell out and ill try...