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  1. J

    VX Wheel Nuts

    Hey, iv got a white vx equiped with 18" maloo rims and i sprayed my brake callipers red so i thought it would be good to buy red wheel nuts with them. but i need to know what size i need to buy is it the 12 x 1.5??
  2. J

    What Size nuts do you need for a VX?

    Buying new red nuts for my black 18" VY Maloo rims that i have on my VX, just wondering what size i need befor buying them!
  3. VjamesY

    Installing VY 18 inch HBD J series wheels, Can I use my original bolts?

    Hey might be a Noob question... But I have just purchased some VY 18 inch HBD J series wheels and Im planning on installing them tonight on my vy executive. Bolts/lock nuts were included with the purchase but I forgot to put them in the car, grrrrr. I already have some chrome nuts I was...
  4. Frenzal

    Hilux wheel nuts compatible with VR commodore?

    So firstly I'd like to apologize if this is a stupid question as I really have minimal knowledge on this topic. Anyway, I'm getting sick of the ugly lock nuts on my VR. I don't have any spare regular wheel nuts but my old man has at least two full spare sets of Hilux wheelnuts (2003 model SR5)...
  5. A

    How to replace a engine Bash Plate Nut underneath a VZ Commodore?

    Can any one explain How to replace a engine Bash Plate Nut underneath a VZ? I have purchased new ones but how do you fix them to /in the sub frame? I imagine you drill out the old one. (What drill size?) Push the new one in. But how do you secure it in place? I would be greatful if you...
  6. H

    overtightened wheel nuts by using rattle guns

    ok guys and girls Whenever you go to get anything done at a tire shop please check your wheel nuts cause it maybe overtightened (well most of the time they are overtightened). So it's a good practice to check your wheel nuts every time you go to the tire shop it will save you time and money. A...
  7. BigBoss

    Really tight nuts

    Hey lads, I just had a shot at changing over my exhaust system and found that the nuts up the top end of the current system are impossibly tight.... because of the location it is hard to get much leverage on to them and short of a rattle gun i am stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  8. F

    Smaller tool for rim nuts?

    This could quite possibly be the dumbest question I've ever asked, and I'm missing something very obvious. You've been forewarned. I recently got some 18"x8" rims for the VS so i can ditch the stockies. Got 16 wheel nuts and 4 lock nuts from repco. Problem occurs when i put the rim on the...